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This article is about the prince of the Golden Empire. You may be looking for his grandfather.

To my son with Reiko Kaytana, I have little to give you that will be of use to you. But I give you the name Nagarian. It was my father's name. He was never a powerful man, never had any great fame or prestige. But he was a good man. I hope you will be too.
—Tak Sakaros's will

Nagarian Ravak Sakaros was the only child of former Sith Lord Tak Sakaros and the Arkanian Offshoot and former Imperial Knight Reiko Kaytana. He was the fifth son and sixth child of Sakaros, and Kaytana's only biological child. He was named for Nagarian Sakaros, his paternal grandfather, and was occasionally called Nagarian Sakaros the Younger to distinguish them.

Through his biological connection with his sister Rin, Nagarian was also a prince of the Golden Empire. After his mother's murder, he became his brother Tariun's Sith Apprentice as he schemed to take revenge on his mother's killers.


Early life

Nagarian was born already half-orphaned in the last month of 139 ABY; his father Tak had died fighting Gav Daragon earlier in the year. His mother Reiko was protected by the Merquise Syndicate and its Operations Vigo, Tak's former apprentice Alluria Quinn. Nagarian's birth was initially kept secret, known only among the Elite Guard and the Syndicate's leadership. As he grew, Alluria and Reiko, along with Nagarian's cousin Jarek Solios, would be his primary tutors in the Force.

Nagarian was the younger brother of Rin Sakaros, Queen of the Golden Empire, who took a vested interest in his safety. Her Royal Guards Jira Zaffrod, Breek Zagrev, Tamlok, Khoro`ly`ooho`sh`lyhoo, and Vem were all protective of the boy, and Jira had a particular fondness for him. When Reiko was briefly possessed by the spirit of Tulak Hord, Breek and Jira dueled the Dark Lord alongside Alluria and Jarek Solios despite being clearly outmatched, and Rin herself ultimately intervened personally to defeat Hord and free Reiko.

In 141 ABY, agents of the One Sith began a campaign of harassment against the Syndicate, and Jira took Nagarian to what she thought was safety in the Empire. However, in her absence, the Vagaari War had been complicated by the Ssi-ruuvi Incursion. Unwilling to send his brother back to certain danger on Nar Shaddaa, as well as the possibility of interception by the Vagaari on the way, Tariun Sakaros kept Nagarian safely ensconced in the Citadel instead. Much of the Order of Keltrayu was exposed to Nagarian during this period, including Rajj-Yo, whom Nagarian liked. For his second birthday, Jira gave Nagarian a training lightsaber that Rin had made for her as a child.

Leader of the pack

Centurions returned Nagarian to Nar Shaddaa in 142 ABY. The following year, Jarek and Alluria had a baby girl they named Octavia, while Azalyn Kass`l was born to Veli and Odala Kass`l. The first time Nagarian met Octavia, letting the newborn grip one of his fingers, he felt a strange connection to her he could not explain. He did not miss his sister Rin's terrified reaction to the contact and the disturbance in the Force that accompanied it, but did not understand it or his mother's trepidation.

Nagarian, unable to get out much, enjoyed playing with Octavia and Azalyn. The year after the girls' birth, they all received vaccinations brought from the Empire by Rin and Tillandra Moraes. Nagarian had a horrible reaction to the vaccines, degenerated into fever and delirium and lingering on the edge of death for days, despite attempts by Rin, Reiko, and Tillandra to heal him. Desperate, Rin had Alluria bring Octavia into Nagarian's sickroom, and the instinctive touch of her Force signature on his helped him focus and started him on the road to recovery.

Nagarian could sense the distrust between his sister and his mother that followed the incident, and it troubled him. However, as Azalyn and Octavia grew, Nagarian found them more able playmates. Due to his age, he emerged as the unspoken leader of the group. Nagarian had a naturally affectionate disposition, and when his mother married Sigea Tanake, he adapted to the situation easily. He was delighted when they adopted Kylar Tanake; their close relationship led the young shapeshifter to eventually adopt features similar to Nagarian's.


In 145 ABY, Nagarian and his unusual "extended family" went to the Empire for his brother's wedding to Breek Zagrev. There they were protected by a number of Centurions, including Te`net Organi, who would become one of Nagarian's friends, especially after Te`net saved Kylar from death by shrapnel wounds after one of Sigea's experiments exploded. In the following years, Reiko allowed Nagarian to visit his sister's Empire from time to time. During these visits, he developed a friendship with the Zyked Novice Seeg-Til, son of his friend Rajj-Yo.

In 146 ABY, Jarek and Reiko convinced the rest of their family to move to Belsavis, leaving the violence of Nar Shaddaa behind. Though the ziggurat was all he had ever known aside from the Empire, Nagarian took to Belsavis quickly, delighting in the snow on the surface and the wide rift valley where his family made its home. He helped his brother and the girls to accept their new home as well, and with more space to spread out and play, he quickly took charge of organizing adventures.

Nagarian attended school in the nearest town once his mother was certain he understood not to speak about Rin or his Force training among his schoolmates and teachers. However, he continued to train in lightsaber combat and the use of his Force powers at home. He attempted to teach Octavia and Azalyn as well, and began to sense the difference between the three of them and Force-mute Kylar, though it did not make him love his brother any less.

Last of the good years

Nagarian continued to grow more powerful as he entered his teenage years. He also became the leader of his group of friends at school and was very protective of his brother Kylar, occasionally getting in fights with other students who picked on the shapeshifter. Azalyn's departure for the Golden Empire brought Nagarian and Octavia closer, and they often played with Octavia's twin siblings Orion and Reia, as well as Kylar and Azalyn's baby brother Tay. Like his mother, Nagarian was concerned about Kylar constantly skipping school to hang out in Reiko's repair shop, and attempted to keep his brother in line.

In 153 ABY, Nagarian and his family attended Jira Zaffrod's concert at the Samayus Palace of Opera. While it was not his first visit to his sister's Empire, it marked the first time Nagarian was publicly acknowledged as Rin's brother and a member of the Royal Family of the Golden Empire. Te`net Organi again acted as Nagarian's bodyguard for the event. A few months later, when Te`net was visiting Belsavis, Nagarian and Reiko were in the midst of an argument; Nagarian wished to visit the Tomb for crystals to make his own lightsaber, while Reiko wanted him to find something safer. They settled on a "compromise"; Nagarian went to the Tomb, but with Te`net as his chaperone and protector. Evading some treasure hunters in the facility, Nagarian found a set of crystals to his liking and crafted his own blue-bladed weapon.


Brotherly love

Tariun Sakaros: “If you can put this out of your mind, join the Order. You could do great things as a Centurion. But I can tell you flat-out Rin isn't going to authorize a campaign against the Imperial Knights, even on a low level. There's too much risk to the Empire. So tell me, little brother—can you put this behind you?
Nagarian Sakaros: “No. They need to pay for what they did and I am not going to 'put this behind me' until someone has paid for killing my mother.
Tariun Sakaros: “And do you know why that is, little brother? Because they can color you like an Offshoot and raise you to be everybody's friend, but underneath it all—in your heart—you are your father's son. And so am I.

— Tariun takes Nagarian as his Sith Apprentice

In 157 ABY, Reiko was assassinated by Imperial Knights, finally carrying out a death mark instated by Marasiah Fel years before. Nagarian was present for her assassination, but was prevented from attacking the Imperial Knights by Jarek, Alluria, and the Kass`l twins, who had arrived to protect him when Jarek and Alluria sensed Reiko's death. Though unable to force his way past his extended family, Nagarian committed the Knights' faces to memory. He stewed for days until Tariun arrived on Belsavis.

Tariun and Vos'elk'eetash had pieced together what happened when Rin fell into a catatonic stupor, and Tariun took Nagarian, Kylar, Magnus, and their dog Spanner to the Empire. Tariun could sense Nagarian's rage, and brought it to the surface with only mild pushing. When Nagarian refused to move past Reiko's murder and stated his need for revenge, Tariun offered to take Nagarian as a Sith Apprentice and even conceal the matter from Rin. When Rin woke from her stupor, her telepathy had fallen silent—she could not reach or sense anyone, nor they her. Though Nagarian was worried for his sister, her temporary incapacity prevented her from sensing Nagarian's real mental state.

Sith apprenticeship

Tariun took Nagarian to one of Rin's private projects—a Super Star Destroyer. Relieving Torin Saedrin from supervision of the project, Tariun took over the final oversight while also training Nagarian in private. Early on, Nagarian made his first kill; Tariun brought in Nakko, a convicted murderer on death row to the project site, gave him a shiv, and offered him freedom if he killed Nagarian. Armed only with a shiv of his own, Nagarian struggled to protect himself before finally letting his anger guide him and stabbing the murderer so many times Nagarian's own arms and chest were covered in blood by the time he was done.

Over the following months, Tariun subjected Nagarian to a variety of other brutal and painful tests and challenges, but took painstaking care to refine Nagarian's fighting skills and arm him with stealth and infiltration abilities; on one occasion, when Tariun paid a visit to a planetary Consul, Nagarian managed to both infiltrate and exfiltrate the compound without being detected by anyone. By the time of Eskol Kaartinen's funeral at the end of the year, though several Centurions could sense something "off" about Nagarian, none of them suspected what he was up to.

Many of Nagarian's relationships suffered during his apprenticeship. He lost contact with Octavia, and though he spoke to both Azalyn and Seeg-Til when he visited the Citadel, both could sense something was wrong. The most profound split was with Kylar, who felt abandoned by Nagarian in the Empire, and ultimately became a long-term guest of Vem in his capacity as Consul of Daispin.

Powers and abilities

Nagarian inherited a strong connection to the Force from both his parents. At the age of ten, he understood the basics of lightsaber combat, and had been exposed to all seven classic forms, though he favored an aggressive, offensive style similar to Djem So. He was raised in a multilingual environment, and by early childhood could understand and speak Basic, Huttese, Arkanian, and some Sith.

Appearance and personality

Nagarian inherited the pale white skin of his mother, and his father's jet black hair and emerald green eyes. He usually wore his hair collar length growing up, and was fit and athletic. His first lightsaber had a sky blue blade.

Nagarian was friendly by nature and well-liked by his peers. His early experience with Octavia and Azalyn helped him develop into a natural leader among other children, even those slightly older than him. The instincts born of his Force sensitivity often allowed him to intuit what risks to take and which to avoid, and as a result other children came to trust him. Although not afraid to fight, he disliked tension within his own family.

Reiko's death altered Nagarian's personality. Though he remained loyal to his family and friends, vengeance became an obsession. His relationship with Tariun was sometimes strained, given Tariun's unforgiving Sith training methods, but Nagarian appreciated Tariun's genuine commitment to making him as deadly as possible.

The Sakaros Siblings
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