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Nabé was a female Human who served as a loyal handmaiden to Queen Neeyutnee and Apailana.


Imperial attack

On 18 BBY, Darth Vader led an attack on Naboo when Apailana was harboring Jedi fugitives from the Second Jedi Purge. Vader sent the 501st Legion to Naboo with orders to kill her and to bring the planet back in line. Nabé assisted her mistress in defending the city and the Jedi survivors. With support from their automated laser defense system, the small skirmish was prolonged and turned into a full scale battle. After Queen Apailana was assassinated outside the Royal Palace, Nabé charged against a number of stormtroopers, but she was killed by an Imperial sniper.

Behind the scenes

In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Nabé is based and voiced by Kaya Scodelario.

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