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Civil War
Mysteries of a Distant System
Author "Kaxs"
Co-author "N@M3Le$$"
Installment 1
Date of publication 20 April 2007 - present
Prequel None
Sequel Exile

Star Wars: Mysteries of a Distant System: Civil War is the first Fan Fic in the series Mysteries of a Distant System, taking place 4,603 BBY in the Namelesennia system. It focuses on the story of the Dark Lord of the Sith Kaxs I's spirit, 1,650 years after his death. It also takes a closer look on Kaxs I's apprentice, Darth Sev.

Opening Crawl

Mysteries of a Distant System: CIVIL WAR
After the BATTLE OF 13TH CITY,<br /> civil war has raged on the world of EN'RG-CH. <br />After over a thousand years, the beautiful planet<br /> has turned into a dangerous location of swamps,<br /> a posionous sea and volcanos. Destruction is everywhere,<br /> and both sides in the war has got heavy losses<br /> because of the enviroment change.

The evil DARTH SEV, Admiral and leader of the EN'RG-CH EMPIRE,<br /> has now launched a new campaign that will force the REPUBLIC<br /> off the world for good.<br /> In hope of support from his since long dead Master,<br /> he has returned to the place where he first started his training.<br /> The Sith Temple of KAXS THE FIRST.

On a nearby world named NL-3224, the REPUBLIC is regrouping<br /> to strike the Empire again.<br /> Calling for reinforcements, they believe themselves to be sure of victory.<br /> However, they don't know of the trap they've gone into....


Much of the Republic fleet stationed on NL-3224 is moving against En'rg-ch. However, as they enters the atmosphere, a Sith fleet appears above them and spreads acidious gas in the air. Every single one of them are turned into melting metal balls falling against the ground.

Down in a Sith Temple, the Gen'Dai Darth Sev uses the Force to destroy a statue of Kaxs the First. Suddenly, a locked Sith Holocron behind him opens and reveals the spirit of Kaxs the First, who eventually have been redeemed and tries to redeem Darth Sev as well. However, when Darth Sev refuses, the spirit leaves for what remains of the jungle.

On NL-3224, a Jedi Knight discusses tactics with a Republic General. They're very worried about that the En'rg-ch Empire managed to destroy three quarters of their fleet within minutes. The Jedi decides that he himself have to go and try to defeat Darth Sev on En'rg-ch.

Later in the jungle of En'rg-ch. A patrol of Sith mercenaries are suddenly chocked when seeing a ghost in front of them. However, using their surprise to his own advantage, the Jedi from NL-3224 strikes down the mercenaries with his lightsaber. The Sith spirit then introduces himself as Kaxs the First. Finally, the Sith and the Jedi forms an alliance, since both of them wants to defeat Darth Sev.

Next, the Jedi suddenly appears behind Darth Sev in the ruins of 13th City. The two of them duel, and the Jedi is defeated - but not killed. Then Kaxs the First appears, and orders his former apprentice to stop. Then he uses the Force to electrify Darth Sev to death. Sev's last words is a promise of seeing his Master in Hell.

Memorable quotes

Sir, the fleet is lost!
What? Impossible. They've just... became invisible on the radar... Yes, that's how it must be!

—Republic officer and Republic General
Don't be foolish, Darth. I know the dark side more than you do. And now I regret I ever gained that knowledge. Trust me; after having been dead for over one thousend and five hundred years, you'll also regret it - if you don't end it right now!
—Kaxs the First trying to redeem Darth Sev
Darth, you've gone to far this time. Stop this thousend years old madness, or I'll have no choice but to kill you!"
"Master, I'm no kid any more. I don't fear ghosts.

—Kaxs the First's spirit and Darth Sev
We'll... met in Hell, won't we... my... Master...?
—Darth Sev seconds before his death



  • Kaxs I (Appears as a ghost or spirit)
  • Darth Sev



  • Enel-class capital cruiser
  • Sion-class acid dropper


Behind the Scenes

The new name for Namelesennia, NL-3224, is a reference to the elevator 3224 in Invisible Hand.

The name Sion-class acid dropper is a reference to Darth Sion in KotOR 2.

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