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Myles Nesneros (born Myles Kelborn) was the adopted son of Silas Nesneros and a trained combat medic and chemist.


Tragic beginningEdit

Myles was born to his parents Slaat and Yai Kelborn. Still only an infant, Myles was being watched over by a friend of the family when his parents went to Alderaan in pursuit of a bounty, when it was destroyed by the Empire. Upon learning of this, Silas took it upon himself to raise Myles on his own.

Growing upEdit

Myles grew up spending time with his Silas, who he had always called him father, and learning the resol'nare. Although he showed interest in combat like most young children do he showed a heavy interest in medicine and chemistry. Noticing this Silas encouraged Myles into being a combat medic. After being trained Myles joined his father on the battlefield. Silas taught Myles how to shoot a gun, pilot a ship, and everything else a young Mandalorian needed to know.

Working in the field Edit

Myles worked with his father in the bounty hunting field for many years before he began his work on a drug that could speed up the human metabolism to the point that it could heal almost any wound immediately. Although he made many variations of what he called Super Metabolic Drug or S.M.D. for short. It wasn't until he was hired by Prescott Pharmaceuticals that his research really took off. While working for Prescott, Myles learned that he could make S.M.D. easily in the field. But when Myles learned that Prescott was controlled by the Death Watch, he took all of his research and examples and fled into the galaxy to find his father who he knew was fighting the Death Watch at the time.

Like father like son Edit

After leaving Prescott Pharmaceuticals, Myles made his way to Entrench Station to find his father. Shortly after arriving on the station, Myles was detained after being mistaken for his father. Myles sat in a jail cell aboard the station until broken out by his father, who had heard rumors of another Mandalorian on the station.

Into hiding Edit

After saving his son, Silas asked Myles to go back to the family home on Mandalore and train while waiting for his fathers call.

Almost back in action Edit

After a few weeks of waiting, Silas arrived on Mandalore and began to train his son even more in preparation of the coming battles.

Personality and traits Edit

Myles was very much like his father, although he did usually talk his way out of any problem he came across. Myles is a very accomplished medic despite his age. Myles became a medic So he would never lose another person he cared about. Myles was well known in the scientific community for the creation of the super metabolic drug.

Weapons and gear Edit

Armor Edit

Myles's armor was made of Mandalorian iron. It had white panels with gray trim on a red jumpsuit. In the wrists of his armor, Myles had scalpels and other medical instruments for emergency patch-ups in battle. Myles had stun gauntlets in the gloves of his armor, which he used as a defibrillator.

Weapons Edit

Myles carried a DC-15a clone trooper rifle into combat. He used the DC-15 because of its accuracy and power. For close range combat, Myles wielded a pair of combat tomahawks made out of Mandalorian iron. Myles also carried a Verpine shatter gun that he wore in a hip holster. In certain cases, Myles was known to use his scalpels as offensive weapons with deadly effectiveness. In instances in which Myles didn't want to kill people, he used his Stun gauntlets in combat to subdue. Myles also used his stun gauntlets defibrillators.

Behind the scenes Edit

Myles was named after one of Jango Fett's True Mandalorians from the comic book Jango Fett: Open Seasons.

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