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Mumbai Gobi was a female Gran Jedi apprentice during the Dark Age and the succeeding war. She spent most of her time organizing the makeshift Jedi Archives on Polis Massa and watching over the younglings that had settled there with various Jedi Masters. She was among the Jedi apprentices that were considered the next generation of the Order, circa 7 BBY, along with Warrick McQuarrie and Simeon Darkmoon. This meant that she was part of the generation of Padawans and Knights that came after Yoder Gree, Mason Quarrell and Scott Borek. Another caveat of this distinction was that they were first batch of Jedi after the Dark Age.

She also took on the Force training of Krystaal Azul, a Twi'lek female that had been bodyguard to Ike Carcharias on Tatooine for three years.

Behind the scenes

Gobi's name is also the name of two real world locations. Both of the locations are in eastern Asia. Mumbai is derived from Mumbai, India and Gobi is derived from the Gobi Desert in China. Gobi's name is pronounced (Mum-bye Go-Bye).

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