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That fat worm has gotten rather full of himself, hasn't he?
—Anonymous Imperial officer

Muggera Delijiti was the son of Orgo Delijiti and heir to the Delijiti Slaver Guild. He would see his family rise to power over the world of Cilwelli. In order to ensure his family's dominance, Muggera created the Hutt Secret Police which kept the locals in line.

After Orgo died, Muggera became Cilwelli's Aulsur. The Hutt began expanding the planet's industries and became extremely rich. However, he was too dependent on slave labor for his profit. After a bloody uprising, the planetary economy crashed. With his credits rapidly disappearing Muggera was forced to rely on the aid of the Underworld Coalition and later the Confederacy.

The Hutt fought in many battles during the Clone Wars, always watching from the safety of his flagship. Because of his limited experience in combat, however, Muggera was forced to rely on his Master of Arms. Often when things went wrong he would blame, and punish, his lieutenant.

At the beginning of the war Muggera had a run-in with Anakin Skywalker after he kidnapped his wife, Padmé, at the behest of Nute Gunray. When Skywalker rescued the senator he killed Muggera's entire family. The Hutt responded by putting a price on the Jedi's head. His thirst for revenge would even lead him to go as far as to defy the Galactic Empire when he discovered that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were one in the same. The rivalry ultimately cost Muggera his life.


Early Career

Muggera's family emigrated from Nal Hutta to Cilwelli two years before his birth. By the time of Muggera was born the family business was beginning to flourish. When he was still at the young age of eighty his father, Orgo, gave him a share in the company.

The young Hutt ran his portion of the corporation very successfully, discovering that he had a natural mind for business. He soon replaced his older sister, Whare, as the guild's vice president.

Hutt council

Orgo and Muggera talk with the Hutt monarch.

Meanwhile Orgo began negotiating with Cilwelli's king to the make the Deljiti Slaver Guild the only slaver organization recognized by the Cilwelli government. The discussions were making little head way and the king was likely to deny Orgo's request.

As a show of respect, Muggera gave the monarch a loan of twelve very rare and expensive slaves. Though the king was extremely grateful, he did not agreed to the slavers' request.

However, Muggera forced the king's hand. He demanded that he pay for the twelve slaves full. The king was forced to draw loans from his supporters and increase taxes. This cost him both credits and popularity. Before long the king was bankrupt.

In exchange for his title, Orgo agreed to clear the king's debts. Thus Muggera became, not only the heir to his father's corporation, but to his throne.

Hutt Secret Police

When the Delijiti dynasty gained the throne of Cilwelli they were met with opposition, both from rival clans and from revolutionaries. In order to insure their dominance, Muggera created the Hutt Secret Police.

Hutt SS

Muggera in his battle armor.

These warrior patrolled the world, hunting for possible rebel pockets. Likewise they were given the authority to eliminate these traitors as needed. Muggera used his power get rid many of his rivals.

As their head, Muggera was involved in multiple raids, in which dozens of suspected traitors were uncovered. One of these raids led him to discover the involvement on a "female" Hutt, named Glargus, with an underground black market. Rather than try and destroy Glargus' rapidly growing enterprise, Muggera opted to negotiated.

He promptly asked for Glargus' hand in marriage. The move was politically beneficial to both parties. Once they were married the Delijiti took control of the black market.

Height of Success

Too much of a good thing is never enough

After his father's death, Muggera became ruler of Cilwelli. At once he began working to increase his power. He sent slavers all over the Galaxy. These hunters brought their bounties back to Vextor-2 where they were purchased by the state-owned slaver guild. The slaves that he didn't sell were used as laborers to build droids. Soon Cilwelli, under Muggera's leadership, became one of the largest suppliers of droids and slaves in the Galaxy.

To keep himself firmly planted on the top, Muggera created several specieist laws. These ordinances suppressed non-Hutt organisms, sometimes to the point of slavery or death. He was especially hard on Cilwelli's natives. Many were killed or forced to work in droid factories. All non-Hutt citizens were required to go before inspectors at the age of twenty to see whether or not they were adequate to be slaves. Likewise Muggera built up his planet's militia. Soon hundreds of battle droids and mercenaries were enlisted into the Cilwelli Planetary Guard.

Despite the fact that Muggera considered himself to be male, he became pregnant with Glargus' child. The child was named Uglin. Muggera had twenty slaves tending and nursing the Huttlet at all times. Likewise he declare the child's birth to be a planetary holiday. As the child grew the Hutt built a private room in his home, specifically designed for his child. Because of Muggera's duties the Huttlet's mother ended up taking care of the child.

Close up

Pretentieux, Muggera's biggest rival.

Like most crimelords, Muggera was a member of the Underworld Coalition. Likewise he was one of the most powerful members of the Brethrens' Court and was in the good favor of Overlord Pretentieux. However, he dreamed of even greater power.

Muggera invited Pretentieux to his home, a common practice for the Treme's "underlings". There the two criminals negotiated various sales. He hoped to outwit the arrogant Overlord and take over the Coalition. As one of their agreements, Muggera purchased two kull from Pretentieux. The Hutt then made, what seemed to be, a risky gamble. In a game on sabacc Muggera bet his slaver guild against Pretentieux's criminal empire. After an intense game the Hutt lost his company.

He therefore begrudging allowed Pretentieux to sit in his throne. However, the moment his rival was comfortable Muggera activated a trap door and sent Pretentieux into the pit of the kull, where he was killed.

Family Quarrels

Muggera's older sister, Whare, and his younger brother, Scorcor, were jealous of their brother's accomplishments. Whare especially felt that her birthright had been stolen from her. Therefore they plotted together to get rid of Muggera.

They encouraged one of Muggera's slaves, Sull, to assassinate her master. This way if the plot failed the attack could be blamed on Sull. The Hutt's siblings smuggled in a knife for the dancer to use against Muggera.

While dancing Sull slowly made her way toward an unsuspecting Muggera. Suddenly she plunged the knife into the Hutt's large bully. Sull was grabbed by Muggera's guards as he slowly lost blood.

He awoke to find himself in a large beta tank. Muggera's fat had absorbed most of the blow, but he was still in a poor condition. Enraged the Hutt ordered Sull to be thrown into the pit of his kell dragon. However, after discovering that the knife came from outside of his palace he postponed the execution and had the Twi'lek slave brought before him.

Muggera agreed to spare the traitor's life if she told him who had given her the dagger. He was only slightly surprised to discover that his own family had arranged it. The Hutt exiled Sull into the harsh Cilwelli wilderness and hired a Zabrak Dark Jedi, named Rammar, as his personal bodyguard.

Even after Sull was taken care of, Muggera decided not to directly confront his family. Rather, he choose to play along in hopes that they would mess up. Therefore he called a family meeting to discuss the attempt on his life. Whare advised him not to worry, saying that it was just one rebellious minion. Muggera pretended to agree and announced that he would was going to vacation on Ecka. Whare thought this would be prime opportunity to dispose of her brother.

In truth, Muggera never left his palace. But his summer home in Ecka was being guarded by Rammar and dozens of mercenaries. It was the Hutt's hope that the assassin would be captured and be used as a bargaining chip against his siblings. He never guessed that the assassin would be his own brother.


Rammar and Scorcor duel.

Scorcor falsely considered himself a Jedi and believed he could slay his brother. However, Rammar challenged him. The duel was over quick. The Zabrak disarmed Muggera's brother, but Scorcor refused to be captured. He fought the Dark Jedi, bare handed, until Rammar got annoyed with the Hutt and used Force lightning to kill him.

When news reached Muggera he became most distraught. He hoped that none of his family would killed in the feud. Whare used the death of their brother to convince more of her relatives that Muggera needed to be destroyed. Hoping to reunite his clan, the Hutt had Rammar publicly executed for Scorcor's murder. However, this did little to ease the tension.

Muggera now knew he had to act quickly if he was going to stop the blood feud. His henchmen attacked Whare's home. But his sister was well guarded and many of Muggera's men died in the chaos that followed. The Hutt finally had to pull his men back.

Seeing that any further direct attack would be folly, Muggera opted for a new strategy. His hirelings cut off Whare's communications and cut off her financial assets. Next the Hutt sent in agents who poisoned the food within his sister's palace. The slow acting poison was digest by Whare, shortly before being discovered. Powerless and dieing, Whare was forced to surrender.

Still unwilling to see his family members killed, Muggera healed Whare but forced her into exile on Vextor-2, where she was essentially a slave.

Tragic Turn


With control of the Underworld Coalition, Muggera's glory had blossomed. However, it withered alway just as quickly, beginning with an attempt on his life in 450 BBY. The Secret Police suspected that a group called the Cilwelli Freedom Party would try to overthrow the Hutt. This group of Cilwellians was organized and rapidly growing.

However, despite this knowledge Muggera and his men were unable to prepare for the onslaught that would follow. Hundreds of armed Cilwellians stormed the Hutt's home, killing his guards. Muggera fled as the rebels took control of his planet.

But thanks to the Hutt's control of the computers within his home, he was able to narrowly avoid disaster. As the Cilwelli usurper sat upon Muggera's throne, the Hutt activated a trap door on the chair and cast the rebel into the claws of a starving kull, in the same manner Pretentieux.

Vextor-2 Revolution

The Hutt had used the moon of Vextor-2 as a training group and storage center for the many slaves he brought to Cilwelli to be smuggled illegally throughout the Republic. However, a Wookiee slave launched a rebellion in 498 BBY. The revolution left hundreds of slavers dead and the Cilwelli economy in ruins.

In the hope of ending the uprising as quickly and quietly as possible, Muggera sent troops to Vextor-2. The resulting battle cost many lives and even more money. Even though the freed slaves were forced into hiding, the insurgency had already caused many local corporations to go bankrupt.

Muggera's goals shifted from trying destroying a rebellion to attempting to avoid economic disaster. Thus he signed a treaty which gave the slave's their own local government, but still kept the slave trade in tact.

The Commune of Revolutionary Vextor-2 was to be the leaders of the knew government on the moon. However, the Commune was required to force ten percent of each race into slavery and ship them to Cilwelli City. Despite the compromise, Muggera began to lose money. Soon main income was the tribute from the Coalition.

Clone Wars

The War's Beginning

Dooku may be the brains of the Confederacy. But I'm the heart. I supply the body with the power it needs to kill.

During the Separatist Crisis, Muggera was resolved to stay neutral. It was his hope that he could profit from the war by playing off both sides. He arranged a meeting with Republic officials, in an attempt to bait them into joining his plan to supply weapons to both sides. However, his rivals had other plans.

After the Vextor-2 Revolution his sister, Whare, had taken a predominate role in the Cummune. She quietly waited for her chance to get even with her brother. When he learned that Muggera was meeting with Loyalists on Salga she decided to use the Republic to destroy Muggera. She traveled to the swampy world with a group of assassins.

On the second day of meetings Whare's mercenaries attacked. All the Loyalists were killed and the Republic blamed Muggera for their deaths. Soon clone troopers were sent to avenge the fallen senators. Both Muggera and Whare became trapped on Salga.

Muggera took his militia into the world's thick swamps, in hopes of escaping the Republic. Because the humidity damaged the holotransmitters, the Hutt was unable to call for aid. Therefore his only option was to stay hidden and hope that luck was with him. As it turned out, luck came in a very unexpected form.

While aimless wondering the jungle to avoid Republic troops, Muggera's scouts spotted Whare fighting for her life against a sarlacc. To save his sister, the Hutt ordered his men to kill the monster. Though the rescue mission cost him most of his militia, Muggera's actions did convince Whare to help him escape Salga.


Muggera's wayward sister.

Through Whare's technical knowledge, the holotransmitter was repaired, however, its range was dramatically reduced. Therefore Muggera was unable to contact his homeworld. The people the Hutts could contact was a fleet of CIS starships. With his only other options being surrender and death, Muggera made a deal with the Confederacy.

Soon battle droids swarmed Salga. Muggera and Whare met up with the Confederate army and help plan the attack on the Republic outposts. They caught the Republic off guard and established a foothold. But the clones were stubborn. They launched a counter assault. In the firefight Whare was killed by clone blasters. Enraged, Muggera ordered all droids to advance. The move, though reckless, resulted in a CIS victory.

As part of the agreement made on Salga, Nute Gunray ordered Muggera to find and capture Padmé Amidala. The Secret Police tracked the senator back to her homeworld of Naboo. Muggera's elite agents raided the planet, murdered the Naboo holyman and kidnapped Padmé.

Muggera proudly proclaimed Amidala his slave and took her back to Cilwelli to await her execute in the presence of Gunray. Padmé's new husband, Anakin Skywalker, persuaded the Hutt's agents.

I did it for Padmé protect her.
—Anakin, remembering his search for his wife.

Muggera became aware to the Jedi's presence after Anakin killed two CPG guards. Thus the Hutt ordered his Master of Arms and Dark Acolyte, Thain Morgan, to capture Skywalker.

The two warriors dueled outside of Cilwelli City. Anakin, still not use to his artificial arm, was beaten by Morgan and brought to Muggera.


Muggera's family was slaughtered by Anakin

The Hutt declared that because of Anakin's "misbehavior" his wife would be execute ahead of schedule. In a burst of rage, Skywalker freed himself and began cutting down all in his path. When he marched into a room where Glargus and Unglin were being housed he slaughtered them without hesitation.

The Jedi was then able to free Padme and escape with her. Upon discovering that his family had been killed and his prize taken from him, Muggera ordered Morgan to hunt down and kill both Anakin and Padmé. When the dark Jedi returned empty handed the Hutt had him executed.

The crimelord put a price on Anakin's head and promised to avenge his wife and son.

Battle for Cilwelli

Muggera was forced to give up his mad search for Skywalker after the clone army captured the nearby planet of Hustia. The Hutt's spies sent word that five star destroyers had taken off from Hustia and were headed toward Cilwelli. Immediately Muggera ordered his fleet to engage the invaders.

Cilwelli's biggest advantage was an asteroid belt which seperated Cilwelli from Hustia. Muggera's two-ship-navy waited for the Republic outside of the field. Meanwhile the clone armada tried to navigate their massive ships through the metors.

A Hutt relaxes

Muggera watches gleefully as the Republic's navy is destroyed.

At least two Republic ships were destroyed before they even encountered the enemy. Many more crafts were damaged and scarred. Muggera's ships were able to pick off two of the crippled crafts. The last clone vessel did managed to destroy a Separatist ship. Despite this set back, Muggera's Flying Flubber eliminated the enemy ship with little difficulty.

With his homeworld secure, Muggera turned his attention to retaking Hustia. Not wanting to make the same mistake the Republic had, the Hutt sent several smaller vessels, in hopes that they could safely navigate their way through the asteroid field. This strategy was relatively successful. Some of the ships did receive heavy damage, but most came out unscathed.

Soon the Hutt's warriors sent word that Hustia had been taken and the enemy routed. Muggera set up ion canons and laser turrets all across the world, to keep from falling into enemy hands again. These victories won Muggera the favor of the Separatist leaders.

Unable to invade the planet, the Republic decided to try a new strategy. Rather than attacking the planet directly the clone fleet besieged the system, reducing its worth to the Confederacy. After failing to drive back the enemy fleet, Muggera called for aid. However, the Council refused to send troops. From their point of view, the siege of Cilwelli was a great opportunity. An entire enemy fleet was now distracted by a nearly worthless planet.

Now on his own and without to resources to destroy the Republic ships, Muggera was forced to resort to alternative measures. He contacted some Underworld pirates and hired them to smuggle supplies to the droid armies. These pirates were called the Flying Gundarks and their daring exploits became legendary among the Separatists. Towards the war's end, in an attempt to boost much needed Confederate morale, Muggera approved a movie based on the smugglers. The holoflim featured the Hutt as a hero and a freedom fighter.

Despite the smugglers efforts, the Republic fleet would remain a threat until they were finally called away to aid in the Outer Rim Sieges.


Muggera refused to serve on the Separatist Council, calling them a hive of power hungry scum. This philosophy, along with the fact that he forced the Council to pay for the droids and weapons he manufactured, made him many enemies in the CIS high command. Two years into the war, some Separatists decided to put an end the Hutt's rule.


Muggera and his Master of Arms discuss the situation.

A team of bounty hunters landed on Cilwelli and attempted to kill Muggera. The Hutt was saved by the performer, Hrashtor, who detected a thermal detonator located under his throne. After rewarding Hrashtor with her freedom, the Hutt called for an emergency council.

Muggera's staff agreed that he should go into hiding, until the crisis subsided. Likewise, agents were sent to capture the bounty hunters responsible for the failed attempted on his life. Of the five assassins, two were arrested by the Hutt Secret Police. Under heavy torture, the hunter confessed that they were employed by members of the Separatist Council.

Without the authority or might to go against the Council, Muggera was forced to negotiate. Knowing that his enemies were as greedy as he was, the Hutt promised them ten per cent of all profits made off his droid factories. The Confederates agreed.

A New Captive

After fleeing the carnage at Coruscant, General Grievous stopped on Cilwelli. While Muggera met with the Confederate general one of his guards discovered that Republic commander, Dan Eardornn, had stowed away on the general's ship. Eardornn attempted to assassinate Grievous, however, one of Muggera's men was able to capture the would-be assassin. Grievous ordered Eardornn be be executed.

As was tradition, Muggera threw the enemy combatant into his grand arena. He then unleashed three akk dogs on the prisoner. To his horror, Muggera watched as Eardornn slew the beasts.

Not wanting to repeat history, the Hutt ordered his minions to stone Dan Eardornn to death. However, the revived Cilwelli Freedom Party nearly killed Muggera with a bomb, which allowed Eardornn to escape. Eminently the Hutt sent his troops locate and kill Eardornn and the rebels. His forces were only partially successful.

They found the Freedom Party hiding in the mountains. In a matter of moments the Hutt's superior forces crushed the revolutionaries. But Eardornn had escaped. Muggera's men scoured the planet in search of the missing captive. Despite this, Dan did manage to escape, with assistance of a Jedi Knight. But, being the true Hutt crime lord that he was, Muggera filed a report saying Dan had been killed.

Operation Acklay

After receiving word of Dooku's death from Grievous, Muggera became concerned that the Death Star plans may have fallen into Republic hands. Unwilling to take this risk, the Hutt hired Mandy Jaal to take a team to Coruscant to recover the plans. The mission was code named Operation Acklay.

Using a trace from Dooku's ship, the bounty hunters tracked it to the Works. They found the place relatively empty, for it had already been cleared by the Jedi. With no other leads, Mandy shot the Jedi Knight guarding the area in the back on the head. With the computer brain gained from the dead Knight, Jaal made a very interesting discovery. The brain told them nothing of the Death Star plans, however, it did mention Chymarrisue's holocron.

Chyarrisue's holocron was said to contain vast amounts of knowledge pertaining to both the Force and various other combat skills. The holocron had slipped through Dooku's hands at the beginning of the war and was currently being held by the Jedi. Muggera knew that both sides would willingly give him what ever he asked in exchange for the valued artifact. Therefore he ordered Jaal to steal it at all cost.

Mandy and her team infiltrated the Jedi Temple about a week later. Once inside they secured the holocron. However, they found getting out to be harder than getting in. The Jedi ambushed the bounty hunters and many were killed in the skirmish that followed. But Jaal did manage to escape with the holocron.


Muggera now had the holocron in his possession. Knowing that the Jedi would not sit idle, he hid the artifact in the Cilwelli wasteland and ordered his most trusted agents to guard it. As suspected, the Jedi would not risk their prize falling into enemy hands.

A team consisting of two Jedi and five clone commandos infiltrated Cilwelli and began their search for the holocron. Muggera's mercenaries were ordered to track the Republic agents, with little success. However, the Republic was having its own set of problems. They could not locate the artifact. The Hutt was confident that time was on his side.

However, soon after the commandos arrived Muggera received a message that would change everything. Gunray informed the Hutt that Grievous had been assassinated by General Kenobi. This meant that the CIS would most certainly lose the war. Desperate he change his objectives. He ordered his men to capture, or at the very least find a way to contact, the Jedi. They were successful in the latter. One of the droid patrols was able to decode the communication readings being used by the Republic. With these codes Muggera made contact with the Jedi.

Muggera offered a trade. He wanted a complete pardon in exchange for Mary Su's holocron. The Jedi were reluctant. However, after the Hutt threatened to sell the holocron to Lord Sidious they agreed. But things took a tragic turn for both Muggera and the Jedi Order. The clones turned on the two Jedi as Order 66 swept across the Galaxy. Soon afterward the holocron was lost and the Hutt was at the mercy of the Republic.


After Skywalker killed the Separatist Council all the battle droids on Cilwelli were deactivated. Fearing that the Republic, or Empire as it was now called, would attack the planet, Muggera prepared his humble militia.

It was his hope that the battle would fare similarly to that of the last, but it was not so. The Empire sent a massive fleet, with both large and smaller crafts. Each ship was filled to the brim with elite Stormtroopers.

When the Imperial forces landed on Cilwelli Muggera could only watch as his soldiers were mercilessly slaughtered. As the troopers moved in on his palace, the Hutt had his guards hold them at the door. In a desperate attempt to save his life, Muggera shamefully contacted the clone commander.

Captured worm

Muggera in Imperial custody

Muggera said that in exchange for his life he would give up his position and help the Empire track down dangerous Underworld members. Even after the clone said that he did not have the authority to negotiate the Hutt pushed the matter. At last the commander put Muggera through with his organic superior.

Just like his subordinate the Human general was reluctant to take the deal. However, Muggera sweetened the agreement by offering him his best Twi'lek slaves. The general agreed.

Though Muggera had managed to bargain his way out of a death sentence, he didn't get off completely free. He was confined to his house, under "protective custody." Moreover his business was swallowed up by the government and the Underworld refused to recognize him as their commander-in-chief. With little money and no freedom, the Hutt spent the next sixteen years a prisoner in his own home.

In hopes of gaining favor with his Imperial masters, the Hutt would give any information that the Empire desired and was more than happy to prove his loyalty. However, he also had other intentions.

With the few credits he had left, Muggera bribed one of his superiors in exchange for information about Anakin Skywalker's fate. The Imperial said that officially Skywalker had died during the Purge, however, the Hutt noticed that there was very little physical evidence to support such a claim. Therefore Muggera investigated the matter further. After nearly a year of searching the Hutt came to the conclusion that Anakin was really Darth Vader.

With this new knowledge Muggera set his sights on killing the Sith Lord and finally enacting revenge for his family. The Hutt had some of his former agents pirate the Flying Flubber, which had been confiscated by the Empire, and sent them to attack the Executor. Tragically Muggera's people failed and the Flubber was destroyed.

Knowing it wouldn't be long before the Empire traced the insurgency back to him, the Hutt black mailed a pair of Cilwellian thugs into service. Just as predicted, Darth Vader arrived on Cilwelli with the 501st Legion. Muggera fled to his home and ordered his thugs to do everything possible to kill Vader.


Imperial justice

The Cilwelli open fired on the Sith, who easily deflected the blows with his lightsaber. The Stormtroopers returned fire and killed the two henchmen.

Before long the Empire was storming Muggera's home. When they entered the throne room Vader began Force choking the Hutt. Unwilling to suffer the shame of dieing at Lord Vader's hand, Muggera activated the trap door on the throne and was devoured by his own kull.


After his death Muggera was all but forgotten by the general public. The HoloNet reported that he had been killed during a firefight with Imperial troops. He served as yet another example of what happened to those who challenged the Empire.

Jabba the Hutt

Muggera's last moments.

Because he had ratted them out to the Empire, the Coalition viewed Muggera with disgust. Despite this, many of his economic doctrines were carried on. His successor was forced to fend off Imperial forces, as a result of Muggera's treason. Despite the Hutt's failures, the Underworld was able to rebuild. Therefore his reign was seen as little more than an bump in the road of time.

Many Underworld agents were sent to Muggera's former residence to recover the artifacts which were under his position. These artifacts included the names of high ranking Coalition officials and data concerning their illegal operations. Though some of these files were recovered, most fell into Imperial hands.

On Cilwelli, Muggera was viewed as a hero for standing up to the Imperial aggressors. His insurgency prompted many to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic.. Even though he had persecuted them when living, the Cilwellians believed that Muggera had a good heart and tried to follow his example by challenging the Empire. After the planet was finally freed during the Galactic Civil War a statue was erected in the Hutt's honor. All that was left of Muggera's family also joined the Rebellion. They left win back Cilwelli and restored the Hutt's name.

Personality and Traits

I'm not monster, young Jedi. I'm just very rich.
—Muggera to Anakin Skywalker

Muggera, like most Hutts, desired power almost from his youth. When he finally gained that power in the 450's he became proud and boastful. Even after his criminal empire began to decline, the Hutt still tried to appear as grand as possible. He would show off expensive slaves and exotic animals, even though he often had to go into debt to purchase them.

This frustration to seem superior was only fueled his raging temper. His rage often prompted him to act rashly. Though he often regretted these thoughless actions, he never sought to change his ways. Unlike Jabba the Hutt, to whom he is commonly compared, Muggera did not feel the need to witness his victims suffer. For him the knowledge was enough.

Several sources indicate that Muggera was addicted to gambling. He had a personal casino in his home, in which he would invite various street scum to play against him in various games. It is possible that the Hutt played the game merely for the profit.

Despite all his faults, Muggera did have a strong since of family. He valued all of his relatives very highly. Even his wife, whom he married strictly for political reasons, was considered to must valued treasure.

This may have had something to do with his belief that Hutts were superior to all other beings. He would eagerly bargain with his own kind, but found it easier to eliminate those of other races.

Talents and Abilities

Muggera possessed many talents. He was fluent in both Huttese and Basic. He learned Basic from a Human slave given to him as a wedding gift from his wife. To avoid the shame of being tutored by an underling, the Hutt met with the slave at night. Shocked by the complexity of the galactic tongue, he decided to lengthen the lessons. However, this caused many of his men to suspect his relationship with the slave. Therefore he had many of his guards executed and began taking these liaisons in the dungeon chambers, where was supposedly punishing the slave.

The Hutt prided himself in being a skilled negotiator. Before meeting with anyone he would study his counterpart, no detail excluded. Though he often found himself bored by going over his rivals history, Muggera knew it was essential.

Likewise Muggera was an excellent bluffer. Though he usually did not use these skills while bargaining with cohorts. Rather, he was a master at deceiving friends and foes alike that he was far more powerful than he was. He did this primarily for the sake of his pride.


Muggera fights off his foes.

During his days as a Secret Policeman, Muggera was trained in the arts of man-to-man combat. His choice weapon was a vibrospear and he spent many hours training himself under the direction of Fell Coss. However, as he grew older, Muggera lost the ability to fight in open combat. Instead he had to rely on his minions to win the battle. Even in his old age he remained a feared military commander.

Muggera believed that the battle was often decided by the morale of the soldiers fighting in it. Therefore he spent a great deal of time motivating his own men, while demoralizing that of the enemy. Ironically, he also used a similar tactic as his rival, Darth Vader, in that he was severely punish his underlings who failed.

Possessions and Vices

The Flying Flubber was Muggera's flagship during the Clone Wars. It was given to the Hutt at the courtesy of Nute Gunray. The name of the craft was designed as a joke to mock the Hutt's appearance. However, Muggera took the stab as a compliment and kept the title. The ship was crewed by Neimoidian pilots and Mon Calamari slaves.

The ship had a large arsenal, stocked with weapons for both space and land combat. To the left of the hangar, Muggera had a combat simulator to train his green mercenaries. But the majority of the ship was created for the Hutt's personal use. Three kitchens kept a constant stream of food sent to Muggera's throneroom which was located in the observation tower. There were also a private casino and slave quarters.

After Muggera was captured by the Empire, the ship was stationed at a local docking bay and received never little, if any, use over the course of the next sixteen years. However, when the Hutt made his daring move to assassinate Vader, his men pirated the vassal and used it to attack the Sith Lord. That moved would eventually be the end of both the Flying Flubber and Muggera.

Muggera had guards at every corner of his home, the most common being Weequays, Gamorreans and battle droids. In addition to this hired muscle, Muggera had numerous other henchmen around his fortress. He had skiff guards on his personal skiffs in the case of an execution or long trip. Cilwelli thugs, as well as hundreds of other sentients of various species, were also at his disposal.

During the Clone Wars, Muggera created a militia to fight the Republic. This army was made up, not only of CIS battle droids, but of various mercenaries the Hutt hired for the war. Likewise Muggera would create his own droids. These units were independent of the Confederacy and operated under the Hutt's direct orders.


Muggera admires one of his slaves.

Muggera had numerous slaves at all different points of his career. This slaves were typically nubile humanoid females, including Twi'leks, Humans, Rodians, and other unlucky female creatures that captured his fancy. However, Muggera also kept several Near-Hutt courtesans at his disposal. Normally, Muggera would have them dressed in very revealing outfits and would keep them in chains by his side, to flaunt his wealth and power.

Unlike other Hutts Muggera would only execute his slaves in extreme cases, or if they grew too old to be considered valuable. This was large because of his limited wealth. In the rare cases in which he did slaughter younger slaves it was because of his specieist views, rather then for his amusement.

Muggera also kept several male slaves, ranging from Wookiees to Mon Calamari. Unlike the females these slaves were kept for practical use rather than for pleasure. His most famous slave was Padmé Amidala. Another well known slave of his was Grayl.

Muggera had a fetish for things that were expensive and powerful, and animals were no exception. He kept them to show his supposed power and to feed them "undesirables". Over the years, the Hutt kept such specimens as, a Kull, a Kell dragon, an Oskan blood eater, a Tromonid, several Akk dogs, and a Nexu

His most famous and prized pet, the kull, was given to him by Pretentieux. The Treme actually gave him two kull and one Human slave. Muggera had the three fight each other to please a guest. One of the kull and the Human were killed. The surviving creature was placed in a cell underneath the Hutt's throne. The animal would end up being the death of him.

Some of his pets he considered to be equal with his slaves. Therefore the slaves often shared quarters with their master's beasts. Muggera also referred to the slave girls that he kept chained to his throne as his 'pets'.

Muggera, as a Hutt, ate almost anything he could get his hands on, his riches allowing him access to anything he pleased. For cooked meals, he had his private chef make goulash for his Hutt master. Among the dishes prepared for him were goatgrass-stuffed gamwidge, chocolate covered ladybabies, icefish on a bed of Ramorean capanata and sandmaggot kidneys. Muggera also fancied eating living creatures, his favorites included Klatooine paddy frogs. Most of time, this was done only in an attempt to display power. Amazingly, he was also capable of eating other beings such as Humans, humanoids, and Bith, just to name a few. He had a large portion of his home devoted to kitchens alone.

Behind the scenes

Muggera Delijiti was created by Red Head Rider. Muggera went under several major rewrites. After greatly expanding his story, the article's creator added Muggera to his growing collection of works concerning the Underworld Coalition. It was originally suggested that Muggera was killed by the Cilwelli Freedom Party. Rider choose to keep the Hutt alive in order to have a final showdown with Darth Vader. Vader chokes Muggera in a similar way that his daughter would strangle Jabba.

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