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Mucaav was the third planet in the Morb system.

History Edit

New Sith Wars Edit

The planet had many natural resources in its crust and the mantle within. It was a lush, mostly temperate world, with just enough forests, grassy areas, and much to offer for ores and crystals. At 1,209 BBY, the Republic set up mining and harvesting operations there. They brought a steady flow of resources to the war effort.

Unfortunately, around 1,183 BBY, a disaster happened. The ore-studded crust of Mucaav was only an average of twenty-five kilometers thick. Miners had dug in all the way through in many places, and they weakened the crust too much. The thin rock cracked and many miners were killed as entire camps fell into the magma. Plant life was nearly eradicated as the planet was abandoned.

The Sith discovered that because of the unfortunate events and many deaths, the planet had a strong dark side aura. They claimed the world two years later and built many structures there, primarily the main Mucaav Sith Temple. The Sith also attempted to gather resources that had not been destroyed or hidden in the exposed magma.

The Sith held Mucaav for years, but the Jedi realized they could not let a planet so strong in the dark side be in the control of the Sith. In 1,138 BBY, a Jedi force landed on Mucaav, resulting in the Battle of Mucaav. The battle was a victory for the Republic, but the Sith Temple remained standing, albeit empty.

Republic to Empire Edit

The Republic had guarded it well during the New Sith Wars to prevent it from falling into enemy hands again. However, after the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the planet's defenses were reduced to a small garrison. Lava-resistant mining technology improved, but much of the minerals were still too deep in the magma to collect. Mucaav's moons would often tidally pull lava, especially when their orbits synchronized. This could create dangerous tidal waves along the lava coasts.

During the Clone Wars, a Separatist fleet may have been heading to Mucaav to put new droid lava miners to use. However, the fleet was destroyed before it could reach its destination.

In 14 ABY, after the deaths of Tavion and Alora, a Reborn Master tried to reorganize the Disciples of Ragnos there, although most of them had lost their Force powers. He set up a practice area in the Sith Temple, and was aided by the remaining Imperial Garrison.

The Jedi Apprentice Aiddat was sent to stop them. He destroyed the entire Imperial Garrison by detonating some fuel pipes, then he attacked the Sith Temple. He dueled and killed the Reborn Master. After the duel, Aiddat used the Force to pull yellow-green crystals out of a pool of lava. These crystals proved to work in his lightsabers.