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Corruption is a way of self-preservation. Corruption breeds corruption. These people use each other willingly and leave everyone else in their wake. That's why she was picked.
Zallen Fraajic, responding to the nomination of Mra Tarkin[src]

Mra Tarkin was a Human female senator from the Seswenna sector following the death of Awa Moonflower during the Seswenna Security Crisis.


Mra Tarkin was born on Eriadu 261 years after Ruusan to an impoverished Human family. Easily molded by the politics of the planet, she was raised as a staunch planetist and Humanocentrist. She worked studiously to succeed, even in the face of being orphaned at age 16. Tarkin was also the first in her family to receive a formal education. She studied political science on Eriadu and quickly caught the attention of those around her. Tarkin ran for a high ranking position in her home prefecture and won handily at age 22. She quickly through the political ranks on cunning tactics and sheer manipulative ability. By 705 BBY, and the election of B'Rhea to Governor-General, Tarkin had gained notice among the politicos. She was an active member of his campaign and became a trusted confidant. She even instructed the military to execute three political foes of the new governor-general in conjunction with the execution of his long-time rival, Casei Solus, to help ensure the safety of his position. At the same time, she was secretly beginning to plot a way of usurping power from him. This plan was temporarily tabled as the situation in the sector deteriorated.

By 703 BBY, she had been secretly handpicked by B'Rhea, then governor-general of Eriadu, to succeed him; he installed her as Chief Ambassador to the Republic and Overseer of Native Affairs. Her power was virtually limitless, but she remained largely behind the scenes to preserve her image. With the death of Awa Moonflower during the outbreak of the Seswenna Security Crisis, B'Rhea offered Core world senators Tarkin as a prospective replacement. They agreed, believing she would serve their interests well.

As a result, they nominated her to fill the position on a temporary basis, which the Seswenna sector governments were said to have been able to approve in spite of all the turmoil. In truth, only Eriadu voted, but Core-Power senators were able to jam the appointment through the procedure. Members of the Probitas pro populus faction in the Senate were greatly dismayed by both her appointment and the shady dealings that had occurred. Chancellor Anwis Eddicus, however, opted to not override the vote of the sector, hoping that cooler heads would prevail once the chaos died down. Nevertheless, the "temporary" nature of the position was expected to become permanent by a senate vote in 701 BBY.

Before her term was able to begin, however, Tarkin had continued to conspire a means of advancing the grand conspiracy to destabilize the Seswenna sector even further. She, along with two others, hired Ko, a mysterious female bounty hunter, to assassinate B'Rhea during his goodwill trip to Seswenna. The bounty hunter agreed to the terms of the contract, and Tarkin immediately assumed control of the government upon his death. She in turn blamed the Seswennans for having killed B'Rhea out of anger and promised to avenge his death.

Personality and traits

I don't know who's more evil, you or him.
Casei Solus, comparing Tarkin to B'Rhea

Tarkin was a young, talented politician, but she was viewed as ruthless and aggressive by her contemporaries. She understood what it took to advance and covertly manipulated the circumstances to her benefit. As a staunch Humanocentrist, she was not well received by many in the Galactic Senate, but she never pushed this agenda outside of the Seswenna sector. Some even believed, while she was a subordinate to B'Rhea, that Tarkin had already made plans to usurp power from him.


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