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The Movement in the Dark series was a fanfiction series that takes place in 45 ABY with a year following on from the defeat of Abeloth, fearing the purpose of the Team of Ten Knights going after the Dagger of Mortis it was the decision of Khaos to steal the Dagger and renew his mother's war upon the Jedi, with the Dagger safely hidden he calls upon the One Sith and the remains of the Lost Tribe of the Sith to begin preparations to battle the Jedi anew - not to create a winnable war but instead to "harass" the New Jedi Order and attack Galactic Alliance supply-lines until Abeloth reformed.


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  • Sashal (Dark Lady of Lost Sith Tribe)
  • Revar (Sith sabre of the Lost Sith Tribe)

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