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The Morroc Security Corporation was a private military company founded in 139 BBY. that provided security guards to banks and training instructors to planetary security company. They were the leading private security company in the galaxy by the time of the Clone Wars.


The Morroc Security Corporation can trace its routes to a mercenary army led by an individual named Morrocam who led his mercenaries, armed with vibro-lances and morion helmets, under the Republic during the Jedi-Sith War. When Morrocam was wounded in battle, he recalled his army and retreated to Coruscant. Not wanting to let his army go to waste, Morrocam began contracting his mercenaries out to local nobles as bodyguards. His descendants, the aptly named Morroc family, carried on this tradition for several centuries until this mercenary firm was eventually reformed into the Morroc Security Corporation in 139 BBY.

During the Clone Wars, Morroc instructors were found on dozens of planets throughout the Core Worlds training local forces for war against the Separatists.


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