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The Mor Nizhoqaaf Eklliane I-class battleship, or Mor Nizhoqaaf Eklliane I-repaqi ekllanjiqaaf in Eniaman, sometimes simply called Mor ("City"), was a capital ship in the service of the Eniam Air-Space Corps. Thousands of meters long, their name translated into "Flier Battle City" or "Battle Flier City". They were intended to be the ultimate defensive power in the Wem Dalane system.

Eniam's military was expanded during the Clone Wars in case the Eniameneine found themselves involved. The Clone Wars never came to them, but after the war the newly formed Galactic Empire subjugated the planet quite easily. Many Eniameneine were enslaved and the planet was massively depopulated. Eniam was not liberated until after Palpatine's death. In the years after the Imperial occupation, the Eniameneine scaled up their military once again, producing the cylindrical Pliaane-class cruisers. However, they were unable to defend them from the Yuuzhan Vong. After the Yuuzhan Vong left, Eniam Nationalized Engineering decided to make a truly enormous capital ship to defend their home from any threat.

After seven standard years, the result of their plan was the Mor Nizhoqaaf Eklliane-class battleship series. The first Mors were built only for use in the Wem Dalane system, and only nine of them were built. No enemy threatened Eniam space until well after more ships in the series were produced. However, they were estimated to be able to each take on eight Imperial II-class Star Destroyers. When these first older models became outdated in the Wem Dalane system, they were sold to other planets in the Tarabba sector. Later models were produced in larger numbers, so some of them could be sold for considerable profit.

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