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Mitth'raw'nuruodo, known to most of the galaxy simply as Thrawn, was a Chiss military commander who served as the main tactician for the Galactic Republic during the latter half of the Galactic Clone Wars. His war strategies, recognized by combatants on both sides of the war as devastatingly brilliant, and deep psychological understanding of multiple species and cultures, as well as his ability to make highly intuitive logical connections with scant pieces of information made him the main counter-force to the highly effective and often unorthodox strategies employed by the Supreme Commander of the CIS, General Grievous.

Prior to the Clone Wars, Thrawn established a small Chiss empire within the Unknown Regions, known as the Empire of the Hand. With the support he had from the Galactic Empire and its predecessor, the Galactic Republic, Thrawn was able to greatly expand his territory, conquering most of the Unknown Regions. When the Galactic Empire began to collapse and the fledgling New Republic was not yet firmly established, Thrawn greatly expanded the territory of his empire, eventually encompassing roughly a quarter of the galaxy.

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