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Miste, or Mystery Planet as it was commonly known, was an unusual planet in the Miste system in the Outer Rim. Little was known about the planet, as its very existence was ambiguous to the rest of the galaxy until 70 ABY, when clear facts were gathered about it. It was a member of Darth James' Sith Empire from 70 ABY to 84 ABY. In 84 ABY, it joined the Republic.

Geography Edit

Miste was a rocky world, with a series of lava rivers. Its most interesting feature was the Misterian Mountain Range, which appeared to be shaped like a question mark when being viewed from space. This ironic feature, combined with its unknown past and its spelling, was how the planet received its nickname Mystery Planet.

History Edit

Isolation Edit

For most if its history, the Misterians were isolationists. While they were not completely unknown, little was known about the species, as few ever made contact with the outside galaxy. The Miste system was also one of the few systems to be missing from the Jedi Archives.

On the other hand, the Misterians were well aware of what was going on around them, thanks in part to strong intelligence units. After the battle of Geonosis, they considered fully revealing themselves to the galaxy and entering the Clone Wars on the side of the CIS. However, the Misterians later decided against this, due to the fact they were not prepared to fight a war.

Darth James saga Edit

Nearly 100 years after the Clone Wars, the galaxy was facing a war against the Sith again. This time, General "Mystery" and the other Misterians decided to enter the war, as part of Darth James' Sith Empire. Soon after showing their face to the galaxy, a military base and numerous droid factories were built on Mystery Planet. As the war progressed, Miste was an invaluable asset to the Sith Empire, as it produced numerous resources while its location was completely unknown to the Republic.

Following the death of Darth James, Miste became the heart of the Sith Empire's remnants, producing countless battle droids for the depleted Sith Army. However, in 84 ABY, a probe droid scanning the systems surrounding Geonosis (another Sith remnant stronghold) discovered Mystery Planet and a subsequent invasion was launched. The attack was a success, as Republic troops defeated their Sith foes.

Republic Edit

Following the battle, General Mystery defected and brought Miste into the Galactic Republic.

Appearances Edit