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Mission to Korratoa

Rescue Kavasi


156 ABY


Korratoa, Unknown Regions




Golden Empire

Native predators


Aria Nikina, assisted by Azalyn Kass`l



Azalyn injured

Numerous Inarii killed

In 156 ABY, Azalyn Kass`l, a Novice of the Order of Keltrayu, was beset by competing visions of the En'kah Kavasi. In some variations of the vision, Azalyn and Kavasi grew up to be friends and comrades-in-arms; in others, Kavasi was brutally eviscerated by winged predators. Sensing that the shatterpoint was imminent, Azalyn begged Rin Sakaros to let her save Kavasi. Though Rin was hesitant to put Azalyn in danger, she was even more afraid of conditioning Azalyn not to trust her visions, and reluctantly authorized a mission to rescue Kavasi.

The mission

The infiltrators

Apart from the bloody images and the sensation of being disemboweled herself, Azalyn had extracted only two useful pieces of information from her vision—Kavasi's name, and the word "Korratoa". While Royal Intelligence tracked down Korratoa in the Expeditionary Library, Rin assembled a strike team to assist and protect Azalyn. She chose Aria Nikina, Prefect of the Order of Keltrayu, for her experience infiltrating enemy-held worlds and her leadership experience, and Vos'elk'eetash for her raw power and lethality in a fight. At Azalyn's request, Rin also added Luna Raquelsei to the mission.

Heart of darkness

Eventually, Intelligence agents found a single notation of Korratoa, the moon of a dead planet once surveyed by the Chiss Ascendancy. Selkee piloted a borrowed Intelligence freighter onto the jungle planet, following Azalyn's directions. Meanwhile, Kavasi's tribe had left her on a sacrificial altar to be consumed by the Inarii, in keeping with tribal custom of sacrificing En'kah (like Kavasi) capable of full shapeshifting to their goddess, Yl'umen Inarii. Kavasi managed to free herself from her bonds, shapeshifting into her lycanthrope form and fleeing into the jungle, pursued by shrieking Inarii.

As the Order's party landed, Aria planned a stealth infiltration, which was sacrificed almost immediately as Azalyn ran off alone toward where she sensed danger, with Selkee following in her wake, striking down Inarii and other predators with the Force, and Aria and Luna guarding the rear. Azalyn eventually slipped down an incline into a grove, where she was set upon by an Inarii, which bit her arm and cracked the bone. Pursued by Inarii, Kavasi burst into the grove from the other direction and, seeing Azalyn's plight, ripped the Inarii apart with her teeth.

Selkee arrived a second later and, after checking her impulse to kill Kavasi when she sensed the shapeshifter was protecting rather than harming Azalyn, vented her wrath on the Inarii instead. She unleashed Force lightning, killing many Inarii instantly and setting two trees on fire. She used telekinesis to strangle some of the avian predators with vines and immobilized others until she could electrocute them or beckon fire off the trees to roast them alive. Within seconds, dozens of Inarii were dead and the first wave broke.

Stealth escape

Aria and Luna came on the scene as Selkee was still reeling from the ache of using so much destructive energy at once, and Luna used her persuasive Jubill voice to talk Kavasi into calm. Once an exhausted Kavasi had reverted to her humanoid form, Aria carried Kavasi and Luna Azalyn while Selkee cleared their path back to the shuttle, using the Force to stun a few curious En'kah rather than drawing attention by killing them. By the time Kavasi's tribe was out in force to check on her fate, Azalyn, the three Centurions, and Kavasi were long gone.


Azalyn's broken arm was mended aboard the Sith Star by Rayne Turgachia. After she healed, she took it upon herself to help Kavasi—who had managed to escape the sacrificial altar in the first place because she, too, was Force-sensitive—integrate into the Order of Keltrayu. Hailing from a technologically primitive and culturally superstitious planet, Kavasi had great difficulty acclimating to the technology of the Star, but she was loyal to and very protective of Azalyn, and she gradually found some comfort in her new surroundings.

On Korratoa, the En'kah found a grove with two burning trees, dozens of massacred and half-incinerated Inarii, and no sign of Kavasi. Many believed the burning trees were a sign from their two gods, especially when they withered and died—Selkee's Force lightning had been powerful enough to sap their life forces—but there was extensive debate about exactly what the sign meant. Many En'kah took to avoiding the grove, either from reverence or fear.

Despite possessing current knowledge of Korratoa's location and basic situation on the ground, Rin Sakaros elected not to try to incorporate the moon, leaving it for another day.

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