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Mission to Allanteen


Mission to Lisal

Mission to Commenor

New Sith Wars


Assassinate Corellian delegation


1,385 BBY




Largely successful


New Sith Empire

Galactic Republic


Nevya Khiyali

Nawsa Arodion


1 Anzat assassin
1 Sith Acolyte
2 dark side adepts

1 Jedi Master
1 Jedi Knight
1 Padawan
12 CorSec Protective Service agents
Various other police and guards


Nevya Khiyali†

10 CSPS agents
Several other guards

Civilian casualties

Satir Solo
Galera Solo grievously injured
Several other civilian casualties

In the second month of 1,385 BBY, Anzat assassin Nevya Khiyali led a mission to Commenor whose objective was the assassination of Galera and Satir Solo and various Corellian Engineering Corporation executives attending the Commenori Economic Roundtable.

The Council of Five directed Sith Overlord Darth Hokhtan to have Darth Alecto see to the assassination of the Corellian dignitaries, hoping to sow dissent between Corellia and the Galactic Republic, which was supervising security for the summit. Alecto selected Zeff Rogu, Shrizzzqadl, and Dolre Thyle for the assignment; she intended to go personally as well, but when Rhutizh'chal'safan warned her of Naathree Basrasht's plan to invade Lisal and kill her other adepts in her absence, Alecto opted to remain on Lisal and sent Nevya Khiyali to lead the mission in her place.

Khiyali and the Sith successfully infiltrated the convention center hosting the roundtable, but discovered that the Republic had changed plans from the latest Sith intelligence—rather than two Jedi Knights and a Padawan on security, the Republic had removed one of the Knights and instead sent Jedi Master and High Council member Nawsa Arodion. Despite the change and dramatically altered odds, Khiyali opted to proceed with the mission rather than fail Darth Alecto.

Realizing they were about to be detected anyway, Shrizzzqadl openly murdered one of the CEC executions, prompting the Padawan, Fulotin, to engage him in a lightsaber duel; Rogu dueled Quoshu rather than let him come to his Padawan's aid. Khiyali attempted to kill Galera Solo, but wound up dueling Arodion herself. Members of the CorSec Protective Service successfully extracted Satir Solo from the situation, but they were ambushed and killed by Thyle, in the guise of a CSPS agent he had killed.

Shrizzzqadl and Rogu killed their Jedi enemies, but Khiyali was badly wounded by Arodion. After a brief struggle, Khiyali managed to hit Galera Solo with a poisoned throwing knife before Arodion cut her down. The three Sith escaped in the chaos that followed, and Arodion was unable to pursue them as she attempted to save Galera from the poison.

Despite the highly public nature of the confrontation, the survival of some CEC executives, and Galera Solo's uncertain fate, the Council of Five was satisfied with the mission. Alecto, however, was livid at Khiyali's death, and the mission to Commenor began a vendetta of the entire Brotherhood of Shadows against Arodion.


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