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Golden Age of the Republic

The Mint Revolution was a partial coup and complete reorganization of the Eriaduan government in 705 BBY. The coup was led by B'Rhea, then-governor of Eriadu. During the first four years in office, however, B'Rhea slowly manipulated the political landscape, consolidating power to those around his executive position. After being reelected, he unleashed sweeping changes that transformed the planetary government. First, B'Rhea consolidated the police forces and the militia under his command. He then arrested his political rivals and took control of the planet's media. With this in place, he forged a special treaty with the Republic, forcing greater autonomy. To serve as his right-hand, B'Rhea appointed Mra Tarkin to the newly created position of Chief Ambassador to the Republic and Overseer of Native Affairs. She in turn suggested the execution of his political rivals, a plot that he had already been considering. The Mint Revolution came to a close when the rival party's leader, Casei Solus, was executed and firm control of the government had been wrested.


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