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The Minos Campaign was a series of battles taking place shortly after the beginning the Dark Order War between the Dark Order of Korr and another faction of the Imperial Remnant.


The campaign began with a General in the Dark Order of Korr named Rifa Sabol. Sabol had previously been a mid-range Imperial warlord who supplied Tavion Axmis with the majority of her initial military forces for the Disciples of Ragnos, the Dark Order's predecessor. After Jaden Korr's takeover of the organization, she was given the rank of a General in the newly-formed Dark Order. Three years before she began assisting Tavion, Sabol had been an Imperial warlord in control of a region of space known as the Minos Cluster among other sectors.

Rifa's fleet had been forced out of the Minos Cluster in a civil conflict by a rival Imperial Admiral named Derin Nimdok. Savol had been holding a grudge for years against him because of this, and after joining the Dark Order, decided that with a much larger Imperial Remnant faction backing her, she would be able to regain her lost territory and cripple Nimdok's fleet.

Beginning Conflicts

Commencing a large invasion of the Minos Cluster, Rifa scored several early victories in her campaign, thanks in part to her numerical advantage in forces. Confident of victory and being able to claim the only serious territorial conquests in the Dark Order at the time, she began to clamor for superior rank and recognition over the other commanders. This display of arrogance caused some of the other Order's leaders to resent her, and Jaden Korr denied her requests for promotion.

After the first battles, which resulted in the destruction of several Imperial Remnant task forces and the eventual capture of most of the Minos Cluster's planets, Admiral Nimdok quickly saw the severe disadvantage he was at in terms of conventional forces. To counter this weakness, he pulled most of his ships back into the barely inhabited systems of Wild Space, offering only small skirmishes at key areas and allowing Rifa to sweep through the cluster, spreading her forces thin. Relying on popular support, Nimdok conducted a daring series of raids on Rifa's supply lines, while simultaneously performing hit and fade operations on smaller concentrations of her forces.

Defensive Measures

The Minos Cluster was also home to several pre-Battle of Endor storehouses which held squadrons of prototype starfighters. Nimdok used this technology to his advantage, and Rifa's forces were ill equipped to handle raids from the fighters. Hoping to counteract the effects of attacks on the Dark Order's public appearance, Rifa began staging wide-spread imprisonment, questioning, and surveillance of civilians throughout the sector's planets in order to keep them in line. These actions quickly built into a public relations nightmare, which threatened to throw the entire territory into open rebellion. Riots quickly appeared in the planets' major cities. Although they were eventually put down, it showed that the Dark Order's grip on the sector was beginning to falter.

Thanks to his superior knowledge of the territory, widespread civilian support, and greater knowledge of hyperlanes throughout the area, Admiral Nimdok was able to keep the bulk of his forces away from any significant engagements. He bided his time, allowing Rifa's forces to get bogged down in numerous policing operations. To reinforce her position against further Imperial raids, Sabol took command of several Star Destroyers from the personal fleet of fellow General Morgan Soth without permission or authorization. This enraged Soth, who demanded the return of his ships. However, Rifa refused and continued to divert supplies and other minor assets from Soth's forces until he threatened to attack her fleet himself.

Sabol's Defeat and Aftermath

You have failed the Order, General. When you fail the Order, you fail our principles, what we stand for, the Empire that this Order was formed from, and worst of all, you fail me.
—Jaden Korr, immediately prior to Sabol's execution

Nimdok struck back in the year 15 ABY, and in several lightning fast engagements, swept Rifa's Fleet out of the Minos Cluster and back into the Dark Order's territory, Rifa herself escaping on board her flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Requiem. The speed and ferocity of these counterattacks left personnel numbering over twenty million stranded on the surface of the hostile planets, eventually either surrendering due to lack of supplies or being massacred by the enraged populace. Nimdok was victorious, and before long his own ground forces regained control of the Minos Cluster planets.

Sabol's failure resulted in the destruction of nearly her entire fleet, and the defeated General returned to the Order's headquarters on the Star Destroyer Dark Hand. There, she attempted to organize another fleet, again from General Soth, with which she planned to return to the Minos Cluster. Soth angrily refused and a heated argument broke out. Jaden Korr attempted to mediate the problem, defending the case of General Soth, but was unable to end the dispute, and before long the two Generals appeared close to violence. Angered by Sabol's waste of military resources, Jaden simply crushed Sabol's neck, reasoning that anyone so emotionally vulnerable to grudges and impudent to her equals was not fit to lead military forces.

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