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The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Integration was a major department of the Golden Empire. Originally existing as the separate Ministries of Internal Affairs and Integration when the Grand Council was formed in 103 ABY, the two departments were later combined in light of their similar work.


The Internal Affairs section of the Ministry existed largely to moderate disputes between member systems of the Empire. Its mediators were trained at the Royal Diplomatic Academy. The Ministry also maintained an extensive database of all the Empire's sentient species and their history, available for consultation by other government departments as well as civilians. In addition, it maintained a separate database of "Royal treasures", natural and sentient-made wonders in the Empire. The Ministry further worked to provide transparency of government, making sure citizens had access to the offices of their Consuls and Tribunes.

In addition, the Ministry carried the massive responsibility of maintaining the Royal HoloNet, ensuring rapid communication for systems with other systems and agencies of the Royal government.

The Integration side of the Ministry, most present in the public eye through the Royal Integration Corps, was responsible for introducing and cementing Royal culture in newly admitted member systems of the Empire.


In order to better serve the Golden Empire's citizens, the MIAI maintained satellite offices on every system, though local government offices handled the vast majority of inquiries. Each satellite office was led by a system manager, who in turn reported to a sector manager. The sector managers reported directly to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Integration, who sat on the Grand Council.

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