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The Golden Empire's Ministry of Education was the body responsible for overseeing public education facilities and curriculum standards for all levels of education. The Ministry and its sector, system, and on-world sub-offices licensed all educational facilities in the Empire.

Notable offices

The Ministry of Education was subdivided on the sector, system, and on-world level. Local units on individual worlds handled the licensing of all primary and secondary education facilities and the enforcement of curriculum standards. System offices licensed all tertiary education facilities. Major universities receiving special funding, as well as all military academies, were licensed and academically overseen by sector offices.

Since all education through secondary (and often tertiary) was available for free to citizens, the Ministry of Education maintained a large Office of the Inspector General to ensure that funds were distributed properly and to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse. This office coordinated heavily with local law enforcement, and could occasionally be assigned Centurions of the Order of Keltrayu for fraud cases in the hundreds of millions or billions of credits.

The Ministry had authority over the Educational Expansion Corps, the agency responsible for spreading the Empire's technological and academic standards to new member systems. As such, it worked with the Ministry of Diplomacy and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Integration.

The Royal Lexicon also fell under the jurisdiction of the Ministry, and was the final official word on the vocabulary and grammar of Orhyo.

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