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Mina Bonteri was a female Human senator in the Confederacy of Independent Systems Senate during the Clone Wars. She married a brave and kind-hearted man named Jav Bonteri, and gave birth to a son named Lux Bonteri.


Early LifeEdit

In 35 BBY, Mina Bonteri met Padme Amidala on Naboo, and became her mentor. Mina and Padme grew close together, and they became good friends. She spent nearly a year until she had to return to her homeworld. She grew close to a young man named Jav Bonteri. She fell in love with him, and later got married. In 34 BBY, she gave birth to a son named Lux Bonteri.

The Confederacy of Independent SystemsEdit

In 22 BBY, Bonteri had joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and formed part of the Separatist Senate. She was an admirer of Count Dooku for standing up to the Republic, which she viewed as corrupt. Mina didn't take any progress, but she heard that her old friend, Padme, joined the Republic. Mina didn't want to go against her own friend, and decided to serve as a Peace Advisor, along with her husband. Though, she was sad that her husband had to leave and to Aargonar to set up a base. Jav believes that fighting for the Separatist was a mistake, but he was still given orders by Count Dooku. He was later killed when the clone forces of the Galactic Republic attacked. Mina was heartbroken, but she knew that her husband didn't have a choice.

Peace NegotiationsEdit

In 21 BBY, Bonteri was later contacted by Amidala in an attempt to broker peace between the Republic and the Confederacy. She was very happy to see her, and spent some moments with her. Padme explained to her about the terrible incidents that happened during the war, and Mina understood her advise. Mina had a plan about opening Peace Negotiations in order to restore peace, and putting an end to the killing. Bonteri called for a vote to open peace talks with the Republic, which was passed by the Separatist Senate, but her efforts were thwarted by a terrorist attack on Coruscant organized by Count Dooku and General Grievous. Bonteri found about the terrorist attack on Coruscant. She found out that Dooku and several separatists were responsible for the attack. While she and her aides were on their way back home, Dooku appeared in front, and killed her and the aides before they could return home. Soon after, Dooku made a lie to the Galactic Senate died when Republic spies assassinated her and took it as a reason to end the peace negotiations with the Republic.