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Mikal was a Special Agent for the Republic Navy during the Jedi Civl War. He is credited with the discovery of the Star Forge, a feat that led to the destruction of Malak's Sith Empire and the end of the Jedi Civil War.


  • "You’re right about one thing, Muro. I will never betray the Republic."
  • [Mikal shoots Commander Muro.]
  • "And neither will you." - Mikal

Mikal had no official rank or title in the Republic Navy. Even his name was classified. Like the Genoharadan, the agency he worked for was better off unknown in the eyes of the general public. Mikal worked on the sidelines, ensuring the Republic's survival by manipulating the situation in its favor. He directly encountered Revan but once, though Mikal aided him in his search for the Star Forge without Starfall's knowledge.

In 3,956 BBY, while stationed in Ahto City, Mikal learned of Bastila Shan's presence on Manaan from Roland Wann, the Republic's Ambassador to the planet. Before he followed up on this new lead, Mikal first had to deal with a Republic defector named Muro. The agent infiltrated the Sith military base in Ahto City and assassinated Muro before the commander could reveal the Republic's illegal kolto harvesting stations to the Sith.

Receiving instructions from Commander Dol Grenn, Mikal stowed away aboard Bastila's ship, the Ebon Hawk, before it was captured by the Leviathan. Using a Republic astromech droid that had been smuggled aboard, Mikal managed to discover the location of the Star Forge in the ship's navcomputer, and then sent T3-M4 to help Bastila and her comrades escape.

Mikal returned to the Hawk, his presence still unknown to the ship's crew, and eventually arrived on Korriban. After a failed attempt to blow up the Sith Academy, Mikal was released by Starfall, and later fought with the Republic in the Battle of the Star Forge.

Behind the scenes

Mikal's appearance is actually that of Trask Ulgo, the player's first (and very brief) party member in Knights of the Old Republic. Since Trask was cut from the comic, his appearance has been used as a homage. In addition, Trask's name has been used for the character Trask Ulgo.

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