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The Mid Rim Offensive was a conflict during the clone wars between the Republic and the Separatist, occured around 22 BBY to 21 BBY. The conflict started when the separatist launched a massive offensive in the Republic Mid rim planet included Naboo, Kashyyyk.

Prelude to the ConflictEdit


During the Clone Wars, Separatists lost many planets around the Outer Rim and also lost fuel and supply base; Made Count Dooku had no decision but the converge all his forces to the Mid Rim planets. While the Republic concentrated on the Outer Rim planets, Dooku ordered General Grievous the move swiftly to the Mid Rim. On the late 22 BBY[2], Grievous launched a massive assault on the Mid Rim planets; Caught by surprise, Republic was ill-prepare and was easily to be defeated.[1] The Republic high command ordered half of their forces in the Outer Rim to aid the Republic planets in the Mid Rim.[1]

Separatists preparationsEdit

Operation Skyfall was the code name by Grievous's invasion of the Mid Rim, began in late 22 BBY.[2] Grievous divided his troops into four army groups[1]:

  • Army Group East's objective was to capture Kamino and Raxus and the eastern planets. Consisted of 15 Droid battalions and 4 Vehicle battalions.[1]
  • Army Group North's objective was to strike into the center of the Mid Rim and established a main base on Naboo, Eventually to strike into Core Worlds. Consisted of 10 Droid battalions and 9 Vehicle battalions.[1]
  • Army Group South's objective was to assault Kashyyyk and the southern plannets. Consisted of 9 Droid battalions and 10 Vehicle battalions.[1]
  • Support Army Group's objective was to support other army groups. Consisted of 20 Droid battalions and 10 Vehicle battalions.[1]

The OffensiveEdit

Operation Skyfall: Late 22 BBYEdit

Operation Skyfall began in late 22 BBY[2], The Separatists disabled all of the Republic communications and mounted a massive bombing raid on each planets. After Republic planets were left in ruin, all Separatist's army groups mobolized all its troops and Attacked all Republic defenders. To stopped the Republic from launched air supports, Droid fighters launched an immediate attack on the Republic airfield. Army Group North continued their drive towards Naboo while other groups reached other planets. Grievous then ordered his troops to uses an encircle tactics, the tactics was worked; the Separatist captured more than 500,000 Repbulic prisoners. Grievous then ordered his support battalion to supports group North to take Naboo.[1]

Sieges on Naboo: Early 21 BBYEdit

While Army Group North made their way to Naboo, Support battalion destroyed all Republic fleets around Naboo system. The Separatists then reached Naboo system, Grievous personally led the assault; Soon, Grievous encircled Theed and launched a bombing raid. With the communications disabled and ran in low supply, Republic forces and Naboo surrendered. More than 1,000,000 troops were captured and Naboo was occupied by Separatists, then Grievous established an outpost which used for the attack on Coruscant.[1]

However, the Republic reserves forces: the well trained and equipped battalions, led by General Anakin Skywalker prepared to launch another counter-attack which had been transferred from the Kamino.[1]

Republic counter-attacks: Early 21 BBYEdit

Many of the Separatist spies reported that the Republic had no more reserves, however, the Republic high command transferred a well-trainned and equipped troops led by General Skywalker to the Mid Rim. After Grievous captured Naboo one day, Skywalker attacked the Separatists fleets around Naboo system. Supported by a new weapon, they penetrated the fleet and reached Naboo; The Republic also constructed a new weapon on Raxus. After counter-attacks, Skywalker retook half of planets in north of the sector.[1]

On the south, the Republic battalions led by General Kenobi and CC-0101 attacked separatist lines around Junction V and Bezim and retook both planets two days later.[5] After a counter-attacks around Naboo, the Republic couldn't retook Naboo and was beat back from Naboo.[1]

Battle for Kamino: 21 BBYEdit

The Separatists launched another attack to the Wild Space[5], their target: Kamino, the cloning facilities.[6] Army Group South led the assault to the Wild Space, Grievous sent his best droid battalion to capture Kamino. Meanwhile, the Republic suffered heavy casualties and un-recovered from the previous assault, now The Republic lost the ground and was driven back to Kamino; The separatists now prepared to assault Kamino. The Separatist arrived at the planet with a massive invasion forces but the Republic blockade was strong enough to break. Unknown that the droid strike forces which led by Asajj Ventress, the droid forces assault the cloning facilities. Unprepared, the republic forces above the planet forced to retreat to the planet; allowing the Separatist invasion forces could break the blockade. While the Republic ships engaged the Separatist fleet, the clone on the facilities led by Fox and Rex prepared to defended to cloning facilities. The droid forces boarded the facilities where the 501st defending, the clone forces engaged the battle droids. Fox's 501st was in the upper hand but Fox was called back to the Main cloning facilities. The facilities was under heavy damage by Asajj Ventress and the Aqua droids, while Skywalker dueled with Ventress, teh 501st engaged the droids. The droid forces retreated from Kamino, clearing all wild space sector form the Separatist.[1]


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