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The people who met me, they met the true Sith
—Darth Horrendus

Michael Keldaron, or Darth Horrendus after his fall, was a Kelden Jedi Knight who was born on Taris. Master Zayne Carrick took him as apprentice and would later become a great Jedi Padawan after being successful at numerous difficult missions. Carrick took part in Great Sith War which his presence had many importance to the side of the Jedi at Great Sith War. Zayne Carrick was very proud of Michael and he promoted him to the rank of Jedi Master.

Darth Rivan, an evil Sith Lord of that era, made him love the dark side of the Force more than the light. Then, when Michael was a chief of a large team of Jedi, he rebelled against the Jedi High Council and fell from his pride and hate with a very large number of Jedi who followed him to became evil like Michael. From then on he was named as Darth Horrendus, which meant "the horrible one."

He and his evil Sith came to Korriban, where Michael was the founder of a Sith Order named The Order of Death. He also founded the Dark Council of the Order of Death, which consisted of fourteen members. His Sith created a cult dedicated to him, which was named the Cult of Death. Members of the cult were called Death cultists or warriors of Death who were the Dark Council's servants and the soldiers of Darth Horrendus, the Dark Lord of the Sith. He was the first Dark Lord of the Sith who resurrected people with his dark energy and would do miracles from his evilness. The people who saw him were very impressed and worshiped him as a god. No Sith attempted to contest his power because he gained divine strength.


Early life

Michael and his parents were lived on the Upper City, a place were Michael had many friends. At the age of three a group of gangs invaded in his house and killed all of his relatives. Fortunately Zayne Carrick who was there as a witness killed them with his lightsaber. He was a great engineer who impressed Carrick with his abilities and made him become his master. After two days Lucien Draay and Nomi Sunrider decided to take Michael in Jedi Order.


Michael Keldaron before his fall

Mission to Coruscant

In the age of nineteen Michael, Reckalla a Twi'lek warrior and Maren Fergant a soldier of the Republic, traveled to Coruscant to defeat Kalsid Dorth the chief of a criminal organization which has an allegiance with the Sith Empire. When Michael went out from his ship with his companions and in the opposite skyscraper was a group of fifteen gangs with two Sith warriors. Michael when he run with his companion a gang threw a heavy bomb and the bridge was broken. Fortunately Michael stopped quickly with his companion. Then after the things becoming hard to find a solution Michael saw a man who was get out of his ship and talked with a seller. Suddenly he went to his ship without he understand him and he go. When he was searching, he jumped off the ship when he saw a Sith walking in a skyscraper. Going to the next skyscraper he fought with a large group of gangs and he went in a big flat in which he killed many gangs. After searching he heard a voice telling that Jedi would die forever and he saw him. Finally Kalsid sent three Sith cultists to kill Michael and his companion and twenty gangs following them. The things went very difficult for his companion because a Sith cultist wounded seriously Fergant. Michael told Reckalla to go him far away for his safety. Michael killed the two of the three cultists but the third shot with a sniper on the injured Maren which cost later his life and Michael killed him beheading him. Then he went to Maren and he tried for healing him with the power of the Force but Maren died. After he slayed all of Kalsid's agents and he went to the central room where Kalsid was and they were dueling until Michael striking down and slaying Kalsid. He went back to the Academy and explained to Lucien Draay and Zayne Carrick what exactly happened.

Mission to Hoth

Where the HELL is this Sith base??
—Darth Horrendus

Michael went alone to Hoth to investigate the planet if has any Sith invaders. Firstly he went to Hanging Valley because the Sith base was very far. He took a tauntaun and a second big and hot blouse for protection and he began to run in the Valley in the freezing cold. In a few hours of searching Michael wasn't very well because of the weather. Then he saw a spy walking near the Sith base and he followed him to the entrance of the Sith base without he understand him. When Michael entered the Sith base, he had killed the spy and took his keys. He killed all of the cultists that were in the rooms but the rooms had nothing interest of information. Then he went at the central room of the Sith in which was Crado a Sith Lord who saw him and they began dueling for a few hours. Finally Crado cut the hand of Michael and destroyed his lightsaber. He told him that they will meet again and he didn't killed Michael because he knew the fact that they will meet in the Great Sith War.

Becoming a Jedi Knight

Are you ready for the deadliest war in this era??
Zayne Carrick to Darth Horrendus

When he returned to the Temple of the Jedi Zayne Carrick and Nomi Sunrider announced to all the Jedi of the Temple that Sith are ready to begin a very destructive for the Jedi war. Carrick gave his apprentice a new lightsaber a one bladed yellow color lightsaber. Then thousands of Jedi were ready for Great Sith war and then they are going to Onderon there will began the first battle of Great Sith war, the Beast Wars.


Michael Keldaron becomes Jedi Master

Beast Wars

Michael went to Onderon and Jedi Master Arca Jeth told him to protect the Beast riders. Firstly he and hundreds of Jedi ran and were fighting with the Naddist army. Zayne Carrick informed him that he must be careful because Queen Amanoa is watching Michael. An hour later Amanoa entered in the ground and she wanted to eliminate Michael and he knew that he is powerful Jedi Knight. Then he found her weak and killed her, a movement that impressed Zayne Carrick who was fighting with battalions and armored companies. Few hours later Sith retreated which has a result an important win for all the Jedi.

Naddist Uprising

After this defeat King Ommin was very nervous with the Sith and he told that he will take place in the battle. In the side of the Jedi Nomi Sunrider and Zayne Carrick congratulated Michael for the win versus Amanoa. Firstly all the Jedi council and the Jedi Knights of the Temple where there. Michael Keldaron, Shoaneb Culu and Cay Qel-Droma were the target of the Sith. The Sith are using Sith magic to capture some Jedi and as a result Oss Wilum turn to the dark side. The Naddist Sith cultists attempted to throw the governor Gaia. Warb Null the leader of Naddist army was one who wanted to keep the Sith influence on Onderon. In the Jedi Michael Keldaron attacked and dueled with many Naddist cultists with Shoaneb Culu. King Ommin eliminated Kith Kark and Oss Wilum began dueling with Zayne Carrick. King Ommin also attacked to Zayne Carrick to finish him. Michael beheaded Ommin and Cay Qel-Droma was injured. Warb Null was defeated from Nomi Sunrider and then Michael went to the Sith Elite Warbots to destroy the defense of the Sith. Finally the battle finished with a clear win for the Jedi, the dissolution of the Naddists and Onderon was cleared from the Sith. Returning to the Temple Michael had a glorious acceptance from all of the Jedi and the Jedi council promoted him to the Jedi Master. Zayne Carrick was very proud of him and told him that he is the most impressive apprentice that he had ever.


Michael with his girlfriend at some point after Naddist Uprising

Krath Holy Crusade

Michael Keldaron with Nomi Sunrider were the leaders of the Jedi army against the Krath. Nomi used battle meditation in attempt to sway the battle-tide to Krath. Michael informed Vanicus to use cease-fire order to the attacking Krath forces. Nomi told Michael to ressist in anything that Krath should told him. The only solution was to defend. Satal and Aleema Keto used Mind tricks to captivate the Jedi. The mind tricks had successful results because these tempted Ulic Qel-Droma who decided to follow the dark side later. Nomi perceived the space grazers with the power of the Force. Nomi ordered the Republic fleet to keep defending against the Krath Forces and told Michael to duel with the Sith. Michael while he was walking in the Iron Citadel,he heard Satal calumniating him very much and later with Nomi fought with them. Aleema traduced Michael very much and told him that if he follow the dark side he would become a real god. She used force lighting to kill Michael but he blocked it with his lightsaber. Then Nomi defeated Satal but Michael tried to block the storm which came from Aleema Keto. A Sith trooper shot with a heavy blaster on Nomi's hand while Michael was defending from Force Storm with his lightsaber in the right hand, with the left took another lightsaber and he comforted her. Satal imprisoned later Ulic Qel-Droma on Cinnagar. Nomi went there and he escaped the prison with Nomi's help.

The fall

I will raise my power higher than the Force and I will become the superstrongest than ever.
—Darth Horrendus

The Jedi Council decided to make him the leader of the Five Jedi Armada Commanders. A Sith Lord Darth Rivan persuaded him that dark side gives to any Sith the choice to become the rulers of the galaxy. He currently has the highest position in the hierarchy of the Jedi, he has a large glory among them and he is the most powerful and intelligent and splendid. Two months later Karen Skywalker the Master of the Order of the Jedi told him that he will help him about the rebellion which he organizes. Helen Stardrfiver one of the five Jedi Army Commanders advised him that she will take his side. Finally Michael felt his heart lifting up because of his power. Then a very large number of Jedi over twenty thousand will be at his side. Darth Rivan told them that they should eliminate all the Jedi from all the Jedi from all the Temples, academies and enclaves of the galaxy.

Massacre on Ossus

Darth Horrendus and his Jedi invaded on the Academy on Ossus. Firstly he entered by knocking the door with his lightsaber. Then they went to the Central hall which has numerous Jedi tried to stop them but they were eliminated from them. While they continue killing Jedi Darth Horrendus jumped up and he slayed with one hit twenty Jedi. Then he sent his Jedi to different modules because the Academy was very large. Later he went at the council chamber and there was five Jedi Masters and he killed them all. After this his heart was filled with darkness and hate. Other seven Jedi Masters tried to block him but he eliminated them all and he vandalized the chamber. The Grand Master Voxin with twenty well-trained attacked to block him. He used force drain and he killed them. Then he went to the library and he burned many books, straggled all the librarians and destroying the computers and panels. Finally when they other Jedi extinguished all Jedi from the academy, he informed them to go out from the academy and he put a bomb. When they were out of the academy, the academy was sabotaged and completely destroyed.

Assault on Coruscant

As Michael and his evil Jedi turning more and more close to the dark side, a very bloody massacre happened on Coruscant which had a result the dissolution of the Jedi Order. Firstly Michael he entered to the Jedi Temple with very violence. Then hundreds of Jedi felt the Evil rising in their hearts. Michael was killing and killing more and more Jedi with his Jedi and destroying many rooms, he came to a hidden room which had a Sith holocron especially Exar Kun Sith holocron. As Michael with his Jedi hearing Exar Kun about the dark side,then Exar Kun gave to these Jedi all of his dark energy and they became Dark Jedi. For many hours they were killing and eliminating Jedi and then when the Jedi were hidden they went to the High Council which had a lot of members there. Michael and his Jedi beheaded them all and then they were separated and put bombs in many places of the Temple. When they went out the temple was destroyed and with much fire beyond it.

The rebellion of the Jedi

When the Jedi returned on the Academy to destroy the Jedi High Council in which was Arca Jeth, Zayne Carrick, Lucien Draay and Nomi Sunrider, Michael said that every person who should follow him, he will become better than the Force. Five to Five were the Jedi coming to him and then Caradon Stardriver came out and told the Jedi that every Jedi love freedom, The Republic and like to be defenders of piece just to come behind him. From then those that came back of Caradon are the Knights of the light and piece but those were followed Michael became to evil Knights of Darkness. Later Caradon became the new leader of the Commanders of the Jedi Armada replacing Michael Keldaron who was renamed to Darth Horrendus which means the horrible one.


Zayne Carrick duels with his former apprentice on Shola

The rise of Darth Horrendus

Darth Horrendus was the founder and leader of a Sith order, the Order of Death. Taking decisions with the other fourteen members of the order where the capital will be, Darth Horrendus chose Korriban. A Sith planet which has a lot of dark energy and influence of the Ancient Sith Lords. Taking knowledge from dark holocrons he decided to build a new Sith Order and renaming himself as Darth Horrendus. Darth Horrendus believed that Sith are having the chance to become very strong and powerful as the Jedi Order was disillusioned. He reorganized and reunified the Sith under his leadership and power. His order created at 1,980 BBY where the Sith acolytes were numerous and his Sith Lords had more and more agents. In 1,974 BBY the Order of Death became the governing body in the galaxy and the Death Cultists were more than two millions. Then he decided that his Sith are having the power to rule the galaxy. His minions built a palace on Korriban which is named as the Palace of Darkness. Then he decided to vanish the Republic forever from the galaxy because it was an ally of the Jedi Order and secondly to take his revenge about his failed rebellion. His Sith made a cult to him named as the Cult of Death, a cult which made the personality and memory of Darth Horrendu's immortal.

Michael on fire

Michael suffers from several burning after his defeat on Shola

Great Republic Purge

Darth Horrendus and his Sith order decided to go at Coruscant preparing for a second massacre and especially a Republic massacre. He used Force drain, force lighting and force destruction for destroying the Senate Hall. He extinguished with very hatred the clone guards and the royal guards. Then he slew all the Ministers and finally executed the President of the Republic and he order to his Sith to kill every person who is at the Temple. He extinguished all the people who were there and the police of Coruscant. He sat at the throne of the Emperor and his Sith Lords were stand beyond him as the Sith who will help him governing the galaxy and build his empire.

His miracles

With my dark power you must stop raining
—Darth Horrendus

Darth Horrendus was the only Sith who resurrected a person with his dark energy. It happened when a citizen of Dreshdae was very ill and later died. Then Darth Horrendus threw dark power in the city and the city for some time was full of darkness. The citizen after the darkness was disappeared was alive again. A destructive rain then became then at Korriban and Horrendus stopped the rains after some seconds with using the power of the dark side. He used with this dark power to make stones to food. The whole Sith of the galaxy were worshiped him. The members of the Cult of Death were increased dramatically which had the result the rise of his empire.

His dream and his empire

The Sith are needing unification to clean the galaxy from chaos and disorder. The galaxy needs an Emperor who dreams and an Emperor who will put the Sith higher than his life. I am the dreamer and I will give everything and I will give my life for making the Sith more powerful and splendid than ever
—Darth Horrendus

Darth Horrendus's dream was to make the Sith to Lords of the galaxy and not his Sith are making an organization which some time will dissolute and conquered from their enemies. The empire is ruled by the Dark Lord of the Sith who has the title of the Galactic Emperor. His empire employed propaganda to other places of the galaxy to promote the agenda of Darth Horrendus. Then Darth Horrendus ordered to exterminate the remains of Galactic Republic which were on Corellia. Later he told them that he wants Corellia as his capital of the colonies. He also decided to build his individual ship and he named it as Sith'eldar the Star murderer. His ship took one year to be completed and it has any kind of equipment and reinforcement and ready to destroy every enemy of the Sith. Also the capital of his empire will be Korriban. This empire had extinguished many generations of enemies of the Sith.

Self-sacrifice and Legacy


Michael tells his last words to his daughter

Many years later his daughter, Laura Keldara a new apprentice of the old Jedi Master Zayne Carrick came to him and to bring him again to light side. Darth Rivan heard the words of Laura and ordered Darth Horrendus to kill her but he didn't tried to kill her. Darth Horrendus dueled with his daughter over the hangar and the throne of Darth Rivan. At some moment of weakness Laura destroyed the lightsaber of her father but the wound was small.Then Rivan told that Laura was powerful. He came to her and was very angry. He used many Force powers. He used Drain life, force lighting, force wave and lightsaber throw. Darth Horrendus thought that his daughter was right. At a moment of self-denial Darth Horrendus jumped in front of his daughter and all the force powers were absorded to his body. Rivan's lightsaber hit to his trauma and made it deadly. He slew Darth Rivan by beheading him. Mortally depowered from his former master's Drain life, Force lighting, force hurt and lightsaber throw, Michael died some minutes later. Near to his death Michael asked Laura to remove his mask, so that he could see her with his own eyes. Laura disconnected the mask, Michael was bald and some wounds after Battle on Shola were not healed. However, his eyes hadn't the color of fiery red but the deep blue as he was before his fall. He told Laura that Zayne Carrick was right about him and his also repenting dying words was that his pride destroyed him. These words and the previous act brought him again to the light side. He killed Zayne Carrick his former master, betrayed the Order and killed numberless of its members and rebelled against the Force.

He made both Sith and Jedi love as a legend. Because as a Sith made very important things and reunified the Sith Order and he done miracles from his dark energy and as a Jedi was the most exalted in the hierarchy and finally he died for his daughter who is a Jedi. He made his holocron a year before his death. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious many centuries after the death of Darth Horrendus sang in the name of the Dark Lord when they ruled the galaxy.


Darth Horrendus made happiness to Sith generations following his death. He had an immortal memory to many generations after his death. A group of Sith on Korriban became terrorists named as The Horrendists


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