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Wade Nilsson was something else, most men tend look at me like am some object to them, but when Wade looked at me? He looked at me like a person. It helped how handsome he was.
—Mesh'la Ordo talking about her husband, Wade Nilsson to the Jedi Exile.
Mesh'la Ordo was a female Twi'lek Mandalorian who fought during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, she was also the niece of Canderous Ordo and later the wife of Wade Nilsson.

Biography Edit

Mesh'la was born to the Mandalorian clan Ordo during the Mandalorian Wars, she was daughter of Edric Ordo and former Twi'lek slave Sliana Jau, she was trained by her father to be a Mandalorian warrior at a young age. Mesh'la when she turned thirteen, joined in the fighting against the Galactic Republic in the war, proving her worth to the Mandalorians. However at the end of the Mandalorian Wars, her mother was killed on Malachor V when the Mass Shadow Generator was active, killing thousands. Mesh'la spend some time with her aunt Veela Ordo's old clan, Clan Vizsla, she thought she was in love with one of their young members, but Kalgo Vizsla proven not been a good lover as he went behind Mesh'la's back with another woman, breaking her heart.

She left Clan Vizsla after that, becoming a Mercenary of sorts, just trying make a living out of the galaxy. It wasn't until during the Jedi Civil War did she ran into her uncle again on Tatooine (planet), she was overjoy to see him again. But that was also where she would meet Wade Nilsson, she didn't know why but there was something about him that got her attention, she found it amusing how he blushed when she teased him. But their relationship grew though as they travel together during the war with the Ebon Hawk crew. Eventually after Wade helped her when they ran into Kalgo Vizsla on Mannan, they enter in a relationship, she once again found out what love really was.

Personality and Traits Edit

Mesh'la was very known to tease people she liked, even more so once it's a man whose caught her eye. However she's shown a serious side of her when doing combat or situations that called for it. She was loyal to her family and clan, going far as to kill fellow Mandalorians if it meant protecting them. She had a strong sense of justice, leading her to hunt down criminals as a hobby, a matter that Wade liked about her.

Equipment Edit

Mesh'la wore a white and blue set of Mandalorian armor, a gift from Wade when going to Kashyyyk. She was fond of using Vibroswords and was known to use a Krath Double sword during the Jedi Civil War.