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The Merquise Syndicate Elite Guard were a highly-trained subset of the Merquise Syndicate's band of irregulars and operatives, reporting directly to the Syndicate's Operations Vigo. The Elite Guard were tasked with operations which could not reasonably be entrusted to the normal elements of the Syndicate, including assassinations, high-risk raids, VIP protection details, and sabotage. In combat or field operations, any Elite Guard was considered to outrank any other operative present below the rank of Undervigo.


The Elite were selected personally by Alluria Quinn and Tak Sakaros, usually from among experienced ordinary soldiers, but occasionally from fresh recruits with outstanding potential. The two Sith gave their Elite training in many areas, including hand-to-hand combat (with elements of the Sith martial art Var Shek), firearms (including short- and long-range weapons and sniping), reconnaissance, bladed weapons, demolitions and explosives, bodyguard operations, stealth, and small-unit tactics. The Elite practiced marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat on a regular basis.

Some of the Elite were also selected for special training, such as piloting and espionage. Most of the Syndicate's VIPs were flown in craft piloted by Elite Guards.

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