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Meeting Ahsoka is the sixth episode in season one of Star Wars: Commando. In it, Delta Squad meets Ahsoka Tano.

Holonet introEdit

Siege on Ryloth! With the Battle of Ryloth over, the Republic sends Delta Squad and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano to investigate an abandoned Separatist outpost!

Brief SummaryEdit

When Sev is surprised by Ahsoka Tano's age and size, he must learn quickly that Master Yoda's statement is true: Size matters not.

Episode SummaryEdit

As Ahsoka and Rex enter the barracks, Sev asks in disbelief what she was. Boss tries to interrupt, but Sev presses on, says she can't be older than thirteen. Ahsoka replied indignantly that she's fourteen. He then continues to say that her tight-fitting pants and tube-top are unacceptable battle-wear. Fixer interrupts, telling him that he should call her commander. Sarcastically, Sev apologizes and calls her commander, saying she's an easy target for headshots and chest shots. Rex orders him to be silent, and he does. He also tells them that they're being assigned to Ryloth. When Scorch asks if they'll get to blow stuff up, Rex replies that it's possible.

On Ryloth, Sev notes that this mission was a waste of commandos, due to no enemies being visible. A nearby trooper agrees. Boss orders them to be quiet while he and Rex go in the back door. Ahsoka cuts down the front door, and as Sev steps in, she pushes him down. He had activated a booby trap that had nearly killed him. He thanks her, and the group moves on to meet Boss and Rex at the command center.

Ahsoka suddenly pulls out her lightsaber and warns them of battle droids coming. Boss and Fixer run inside the command center to hack the computers, while Scorch, Sev, and the rest stay outside. Ahsoka slices down many of the droids. When Fixer is done and they get back to the gunship, Sev congratulates Ahsoka on a job well done.


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