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Medusa was the second flagship of Darth Sinity. One of only three Aries-class Star Dreadnought ever built, Medusa was a symbol of death and suffering to any who opposed it. It was one of the largest ships in the galaxy, both in history and at the time. Medusa was a highly modified version of the Aries-class, sporting 3 extra tractor beam generators, a modified cloaking device, and up to 50 extra lasercannon and proton torpedo turrets. It was at the forefront of every major attack waged by Sinity in his quest for Galactic domination (Sinity maintained 3 major fleets, each of them led by an Aries-class Star Dreadnought, one of which was Medusa). Medusa led the flagship fleet of Sinity's regime, Black Fleet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Medusa is reported to be 21 km in length, outsizing both Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts (19 km) and Eclipse-class Star Dreadnoughts (17.5 km). This means that it is the second largest ship in Galactic history, next to Juggernaut, a Colosuss-class Star Dreadnought (32 km).

Medusa was possibly chosen as the name of the ship because of two reasons: first, in Greek Mythology, Medusa had the power to turn her enemies into stone. This may reflect the effect the ship had on its enemies in battle. Second, Medusa may only have been chosen because it coincides with the theme of all ships related to Darth Sinity (Olympus-class, Pantheon-class, Manticore)

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