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The intervention by the House Mecetti-led coalition of Tapani noble houses in the Freeworlds Civil War began in early 5 ABY. Having come to a stalemate with the Galactic Empire, the League of Tapani Freeworlds asked the Tapani nobles to intervene in order to drive the Imperial Navy out for good. The Tapani Great Council agreed, and Operation Tapani Storm ended up nearly defeating the Imperial occupation forces in the Freeworlds Territory. A couple more weeks of fighting alongside the Freeworlds Common Navy, in what became known as Operation Relentless Assault, led to a complete victory for the Tapani forces.


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Throughout the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the Galactic Empire had tolerated the activities of the Tapani sector and Freeworlds Territory. However, in 3 ABY, in the midst of an unexpectedly fierce war against the Rebel Alliance, it seized control of the Territory and placed its industries under direct Imperial rule. The League of Tapani Freeworlds, an autonomous republican government that managed the region, was officially disbanded. The Empire placed the Freeworlds shipyards and factories to work for its war machine.

However, the death of the Emperor and the defeat at the Battle of Endor was seen as a chance to rise up against the Empire. The former League government and various resistance cells began an uprising, taking over the sector capital Tallaan and triggering a massive revolt. The government on Imperial Center had little reinforcements to spare, so Moff Liard Gustavu and the Freeworlds factions loyal to the Empire held on to key locations will giving away vast swaths of territory to the rebels. The League's lack of unity and poorly-supplied armed forces prevented them from completely driving out the Imperials.

With a stalemate at the front, the League negotiated to bring the noble houses into the conflict. They saw this is an opportunity to bring the Empire out of the region for good, and the Tapani Great Council agreed to deploy troops into the Freeworlds to help combat the Empire.

Tapani order of battle

The combined coalition fleet included the various House Defense Forces:

The ground forces consisted of two million House Guards.

The League's military provided mainly rear line support, but also some volunteer combat units.

Operation Tapani Storm

Naval battles

Ground operations

Operation Relentless Assault

Naval battles

Ground operations


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