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Maynus was a planet located in the Outer Rim, close to the Tingel Arm, and discovered in 12,000 BBY. In 880 BBY, a disease struck the planet which killed most of the population and contaminated or destroyed the majority of the fresh water. After the disease struck, the planet had many powers and governments. The Maynians ruled for hundreds of years until their rule was challenged by the Gevorians. After years of war, the Gevorian rebels took control of the planet and ruled under a monarchy. They remained in rule until their leader, Noover Gevorian, was assassinated. After his assassination, Nihalus Christoph took the rule of Kaiser. As Kaiser, he proposed laws that were either passed or declined by the citizens. The planet was also attacked by an Imperial attack force in 10 BBY due to information Lez Gevorian gave to the Imperials.

The planet had many native poisonous plants, such as the hujeep and the lorr. Along with the toxic flora, Maynus also contained Ji'tal grass which covered the majority of the land on the planet. Spindell were among the only fauna on the planet, which included a non-sentient arachnid species known for its highly poisonous bites. The other creatures commonly found on Maynus were loremus, a species of forest rat.



Maynus was discovered around 12,000 BBY by a group of Galactic Republic soldiers and missionaries who were sent to expand the government. The planet was colonized by the Republic and subsequently named Maynus in honor of the Supreme Chancellor's daughter. Soon after the initial colonization, the small towns expanded. By 11,500 BBY, the planet had over ten million inhabitants. As the amount of people grew, the amount of importations shrunk. By 5,000 BBY, the colonies began to protest for their freedom.


In 1,000 BBY, the people of Maynus seceded from the Galactic Republic due to the lack of supplies. The colonies drafted a document giving the reasons for secession and they declared their colonies the only true government on Maynus. The several colonies that inhabited Maynus created global laws that all groups had to follow.

Vandoid era

Maynus during the Vandoid Sickness.

In 880 BBY, the Vandoid sickness was introduced to the planet. The disease caused a red fog to engulf the planet and pollute the water, which resulted in most of the people inhabiting the planet becoming sick. The infection vastly affected the planet's water supply, forcing the citizens to import most of their water. Hearon Torrav took control many cities and, in 723 BBY, the entire planet, beginning the Maynian era. In 700 BBY, the planet's fresh water supply became more scarce due to the spread of Vandoid infected water. This caused imported water to be the only form inhabitants could drink. Despite years of research, scientists never discovered how the Vandoid sickness arrived on the planet.

In 654 BBY, the descendant of Hearon, Laronitis Torrav, discovered a clearing in the Lahari forest. On this site, Laronitis and the Maynian army helped build the planet's new capital, Belaham. The city contained fresh water, which remained scarce in many locations. With the Maynian leader secluded, Maynian rule lessened in many locations. The looser form of rule remained until Syle Torrav took control of the Maynian empire. During Syle's rule, he began setting stricter rules that caused many citizens to outrage, Jacen Gevorian in particular.

Maynians and Gevorians

In 456 BBY, a civil war broke out between the two main factions that had formed on the planet—the existing government, the Maynians, and a large group of rebels, known as the Gevorians. The two groups battled over power and freedom in a war lasting until 445 BBY, when the Maynian armies surrendered. The Maynian officials fled the major cities and took refuge in remote forests on Maynus and other planets. Several years later, the Maynian people banded together and secretly created their own city, named Candson. During this time, the Gevorian people created a monarchy with Jacen Gevorian II as their leader.

For the next two hundred years the Gevorian citizens were led by people of the Gevorian bloodline. In 243 BBY, the Gevorian leader, Noover Gevorian, was assassinated and the throne was taken by the people. After the death of Noover, the remainder of the Gevorian bloodline fled the planet and the people of Maynus renamed themselves the Par, establishing a complete democracy.

The Par

In 242 BBY, the Par created a set of laws. One of the laws created stated that every six years an election would be held for the position of Kaiser. Later in 242 BBY, Nihalus Christoph was elected to be the first Kaiser, though he held the position for only five years before dying. His daughter, Vee Christoph, took over the position as interim Kaiser since they could not hold another election until 236 BBY. When the next election concluded, Vee was unanimously voted in as Kaiser. After her six-year term, she was succeeded by Kayl Biggard, who proposed a law that forbade a person of Christoph blood to be elected as a Kaiser because he claimed to feel threatened by the strength of the two previous Kaisers. The law was passed by a mixed vote, and was the only law that Biggard ever proposed that was passed.

In 100 BBY, Kaiser Joel Knowel proposed a law re-permitting the Christoph bloodline to be voted in as Kaiser. He claimed that the Christoph family was instrumental in building the Par empire and that they deserved a chance to hold the position of Kaiser. The law was passed, and at the next election Perso Christoph was elected to become Kaiser. Perso created many laws, one law he proposed legalized the hunting of Maynian tribes, while another increased the amount of learning material for children. He stepped down from office three years before his term ended after stating that the job's pressure was too much for him.

Massacre in Maynus

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In 10 BBY, an Imperial task force was sent to Maynus to destroy the origins of the Maynian tribe to prevent the spread of the Vandoid sickness. The Imperials received the intelligence from Lez Gevorian, a mercenary and member of the Gevorian bloodline. Lez's information was false, which stated that the Maynian tribes were carriers of the dangerous Vandoid sickness and that the tribes' goal was to infect. She gave the Imperials a false location, one that led them to the small Par city of Ruan, where the Imperials attacked. Soon after, the Kaiser at the time proposed war against the Empire. The proposal was rejected because of lack of resources and inferior technology.



The Maynian culture was first established in 879 BBY, after the Vandoid sickness. The tribes were formed because the members believed that, in 880 BBY, Jaxson Cand was sent to save them from the Vandoid sickness, as he was their savior. After the civil war, they retained the belief that the planet belonged to them. This caused them to act in a hostile manner toward anyone they saw, dressing in cloaks and living within trees and caves after they were forced to flee. They thought that machinery would poison their world and always thought they were always in a time of war. Post-civil war Maynian were, at times, called Candian, in reference to Jaxson Cand.


The Gevorians formed after Jacen Gevorian led a small army against the Maynian people. They believed that the common man was capable of many things, except leading the planet, which they believed only only a person of Gevorian blood could do. Gevorians believed in peace, except with the Maynians, whom they considered evil beings sent to overtake the planet by spreading lies and killing innocents. They dressed in dark blue, while the royal family dressed in a lighter shade of blue.


The Par were formed after Kyp Gevorian became Grad. They assassinated Noover Gevorian, Kyp's successor, as a sign of rebellion to the monarchy. The Par believed that not one man could rule Maynus and that every Par was needed to be a part of the decision making. The Kaiser was the person who proposed the laws, while the people voted. They believed that any other way of ruling was incorrect and that to propose such ideas were an act of treason unless formally proposed by the Kaiser. They often hunted the Maynian tribes.


A forest on Maynus.


Except for the forests on Maynus, the planet was mainly warm and dry. The forests stayed moist because the tall trees trapped the moisture in the area, causing fog. The grasslands received little water after the Vandoid sickness. There were deserts that received much less water than the grasslands did, becoming extremely dry and hot. The mountainous areas were very moist and had heavy amounts of snow.


Most of the Par inhabited the grasslands while the Maynians took refuge in the forests and mountains. The deserts were mainly uninhabited except for prisons that the Par maintained. The mountains were remote and were separated many sections of the planet. The grasslands consisted of ji'tal grass, which resembled normal grass. The planet also had quarrelgrass.

Fauna and flora

Algouls were a native creature of Maynus; the offspring of infected Humans from the Vandoid era. Spindells were a native arachnid species on Maynus which were often found in forests because of the amount of moisture there. The female spiders were aggressive and had poison glands filled with deadly poison while the male spiders were harmless. The planet was also home to loremus, a type of forest rat that was often found in the Lahari forest.

Cecal trees grew wild and abundantly and needed no water. They grew nuts throughout the year, which were one of the planet's main exports. The tree first started growing after the Vandoid sickness. Hujeep was a poisonous plant that grew wildly in the forests of Maynus. The leaf of the plant was often crushed and turned into a liquid form of poison that was often used to coat melee weapons. Lorr was a type of tree that grew wildly across the mountains in extremely cold environments. These trees were short and thin, they grew poisonous fruits and the tree sap was poisonous as well. Ji'tal grass was a type of grass that grew in mildly moist environments. If the environment became too dry, the grass would dry into a shade of red before dying.

Behind the scenes

Maynus was created on November 24, 2009 by Bluethunder213, who had constructed a storyline about a planetary sickness but did not want to have a canon planet destroyed.

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