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General Maximilian Veers (who promoted himself to Grand General) was the Imperial leader from 7 ABY to 14 ABY.

Biography Edit

Rapid riseEdit

After the Battle of Hoth, Veers fled to Kalabar. It is largely unknown why he did this, but a select few knew that Veers had failed to capture Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Lord Vader was displeased, and sent lookouts for him. These all failed. After the Battle of Carkoon, Veers took refuge in Jabba's Palace. In 7 ABY, Ysanne Isard, future wife of Kohl Seerdon sent her lover to find Veers. Seerdon promised he would if Ysanne (who was now the most powerful individual in the Empire) if she made him Grand General of the Imperial Army. She agreed. As soon as Veers was back, however, Seerdon was demoted to Grand Moff.

New policiesEdit

The law that Brenn Tantor had passed through, decreeing that a Supreme Chancellor may only make decisions with at least one Advisory General advising him/her was adopted by Veers, who made Seerdon an Advisory General. He set up a list of Imperial Advisory General Positions.

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