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You have to let go of your tethers. You have to plunge into the Force itself, without Light or Dark, ready to die for the cause you fight for. You give yourself entirely, and you receive true power in return.
Talzin to Ganner Slarwalker during the battle.

The Massacre on Carlac was an attack on Lynrue which led to the final duel between Ganner Slarwalker and Darth Massikus. Each had spent a year preparing for the battle, and it culminated in the death of both of them.


After the conclusion of the Shadow Conflict, Ganner made his way around the Galaxy cutting off all the remaining loose ends left by the Shadow Assassins. Last on his list was Darth Massikus, who he knew had survived and would eventually face him on Carlac. After a reunion with his family and Antimatter Squadron, Ganner enlisted the assistance of his father, Galen, and the two made their way to Carlac.

Over the following year, Ganner taught his father some of Shadow Assassin techniques he had learned from his time under Massikus' control and became the protector of a village called Lynrue. Ganner, preferring to keep his distance from the people of the village, became a more mythological figure to them, being titled Roh'putih, the "white spirit."

Darth Massikus, inhabiting the body of Yula Ardinn, vanished during the year prior to the massacre in search of his apprentice. By the time he arrived on Carlac, he had recruited a group of Death Watch who regularly harassed the village.

The battleEdit

The battle began when the Death Watch began to attack the village in full force, burning much of it to the ground and killing dozens of innocents. Ganner quickly leapt into action to save what was left of the village and avenge those who had dead, but when he had slain the last Death Watch soldier he found himself confronted by Darth Massikus just as he had forseen in past visions.

As a storm began to pick up, the two battled, as Ganner led Massikus away from the village and towards the cave in which he and Galen resided. Eventually, when they were near the cave, Ganner initiated "protocol seven', which was the activation of an automated minefield hidden under the path to the cave. The trap harmed Massikus but did not kill him, instead revealing to Ganner that he had taken possession of Yula's body.

The fight carried on into Ganner's cave, where Galen was lying in wait. He injured Massikus just as Arek Saris had done in the Dantooine temple duel, and then Ganner began to undo the process of the Binding on Massikus, tearing his spirit out of Yula's body. However, Massikus counteracted this by instead forcing his spirit back into Ganner's body. The two struggled fiercely for control, until Ganner ultimately decided he could not save the others from Massikus in his current state and managed to activate his lightsaber through his own heart, killing both himself and Massikus.

Aftermath and LegacyEdit

After the duel, Galen helped Yula to recover and called Vara Slarwalker and Antimatter Squadron to Carlac to bury him and decide upon the fate of his journals, which were also buried with him. Yula returned to Dantooine with Galen and Vara, and Antimatter Squadron returned to their search for the now-missing Brotherhood. However, Yula and Ranulph Darkhitch, after first meeting on Carlac, would join forces again two years later seeking to fulfill the Prophecy of Three.

Five years later, Decien came to Carlac searching for Ganner and discovered his body and journals, which he used to clone Ganner and begin the Resurgence conflict.

Ganner's defense of the village had a lasting impact on Calland Rej, a child who lived in Lynrue at the time. He later mistook Decien for Roh'putih, prompting Decien to show him Ganner's body, which he had dug up, in order to show Calland that Ganner was a mortal like himself and anyone else.