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We're Siths. Our emotions are heightened. I'm stubborn, Goddard is moral, and Marcus... Marcus has no tolerance for those who disappoint him. Over forty years as a family we've all made that mistake at least once. I've made it several times in fact.
Adriana Lai on her Sith "family" and son.

Marcus Lai, also known as Darth Letalis by the dark side Force-sensitive community, was the prince of the Galactic Empire and Darth Sidious' Shadow Hand. Marcus' full name was in fact Marcus Derek Lai. Foretold to be The Fallen in the Prophecy of the Dark King, Marcus Lai was destined to be the most powerful Sith in the history of the Dark side, making his Sith and the Dark side the most dominant force-sensitive group in the Galaxy.


Pre-Rebirth of Empire series

Birth and Childhood

Just over Two Years prior to the Naboo Crisis, Marcus was born to Senator Palpatine (a.k.a Darth Sidious) and the Nightsister Princess Adriana Lai during Palpatine's Sith pilgrimage to the Nightsisters looking for a certain Sith Holocron, during his search Palpatine fell in love with his Nightsister escort whom happened to be Princess Adriana Lai undercover who was observing the Sith Lord for her own mother: Nightsister Queen Zalem.

After his birth Adriana left Dathomir and decided to travel about the Universe after staying with Palpatine for about a year, by 30 BBY however she had learned about her mother's death and set out to return to Dathomir to keep her people in line while brining the knowledge she had garnered back with her. Marcus was left with Palpatine whom had instructions to train him in the Nightsister and Sith ways, to teach him of the dark side and to make him powerful through those ends, most of his childhood would then attest to being trained as Darth Sidious' Shadow Hand.

The Clone Wars

Around the Clone Wars, Marcus was quickly becoming a Man as his coming into the late teens, by the time of the First Battle of Geonosis he had been announced as Assistant Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and dubbed as "Prince of the Republic" by those whom personally knew him. It would be ironically that by late 20 BBY, that his mother would return to his life, bringing the Holocron of the Sith Emperor with her.

Rise of the Empire

Marcus was the first one to arrive with his Fleet to the Defence of Coruscant, Marcus would then fight alongside the defenders to force back the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Capital World of the Republic, from there he was stationed in the Mid Rim hunting down Jedi and Separatists whom wouldn't surrender days after the announcement of Order 66. It would be during the next Six Years that Marcus would hunt after a very important Jedi in the grand scheme, the Jedi Knight's name was Stefan Thomas and due to the efforts of Darth Vader Stefan's Jedi Master Tial Roxarn, was felled in their attempts to flee Corellia after a botched act of Rebellion by Jedi Sympathists in the area.

Eventually Marcus would track Stefan to Korriban where his ship would be downed and where the two would fight in a duel at the Valley of the Dark Lords where Stefan would come to fall into the Dark side, their Soulmate Bond would cause either party to be unable to kill the other and therefore the purpose of the duel was convergence, Marcus succeeded in making an apprentice out of Stefan and decided to leave everything under his command with Adriana Lai while he and Stefan went on a pilgrimage to other Force sensitive cultures to learn their perspectives and abilities.

The time of Rebellion

When Marcus and Stefan returned in 2 BBY from their 11 years of Pilgrimage they were surprised by what they saw, the Empire's tyranny had given rise to a Rebellion and a number of Imperial Admirals were becoming discontent with the reign of Emperor Palpatine, many of the Imperial citizens however wanted out of the Emperor's reign and soon came to look to Marcus for aid. Marcus did exactly that, as the years went by loyal Imperials began to discreetly pull out of worlds that were Rebel targets indicated by Marcus' Dark Jedi spies within the Rebellion and other informants, Marcus pardoned Admiral Demetrius Zaarin and "banished" him into the Unknown Regions when really he was having the Admiral seek out hospitable worlds to move loyal Imperial Refugee populations onto.

Marcus gained the allegiance of then Vice Admiral Thrawn and by the time the alien was risen to the ranks of Grand Admiral, Marcus had already prepared his father's end game with two potential plots in mind: the Death Star II shift plot and Vader's Assassination plot, the first plot didn't go so well but it did serve its purpose by shaking up Palpatine. The time gap between the two plots allowed Marcus to politically and militarily take control of the Empire while the Emperor retired to his meditations, by the time the Emperor had learned of what happened it was time for the second plot as Marcus approached Darth Vader and the two agreed to duel Palpatine within his Palace.

Together the two Sith defeated and killed the Emperor however Anakin Skywalker decided to redeem himself at that moment by attempting to kill Marcus Lai whom has now inherited the title of Sith Grand Master under the Sith name Darth Letalis, before Anakin could bring balance to the Force however his apprentice Stefan Thomas with the title Darth Clavis stabbed Vader through the back, killing him.

Restoring Order to the Empire

With Emperor Palpatine's "murder" by Darth Vader, Marcus announced himself as the "Acting Galactic Emperor" thereby skipping his time consuming coronation and taking advantage of emergency powers during the current crisis, Marcus initiated a scorched earth policy where every ship or base attempted to be captured by the Rebellion would be destroyed or put into self-destruct. All loyal populace would be uprooted from rebellious worlds and moved to the Unknown Regions, where they would inhabit unoccupied worlds across those Regions, by protecting their families those related already recruited into the Imperial Military would be emboldened and continue to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

Abandoning non-essential worlds with those loyal also being moved allowed the Empire not exactly to lose territory so much as give it up, the Unknown Regions were as resourceful if not more so than the worlds being abandoned allowing the Empire to become a self-sufficient nation, Marcus centred the Empire's fortune along the Imperator Supply-line through the Unknown Regions based at the Mustafar system and the Bastion system but going through the Empire's New Capital system: the Diluculo system. The Supply-line stretched along the Tingel Arm to Sith Space (from there supplying Kessel, The Maw and Honoghr) and across to Kamino out in the Rim territories, the supply-line's final arms reached coreward. The farthest reaches of the supply-line from Bastion reached coreward to Cardia, Anaxes and Kuat, through a hidden Hyperspace Route they even reached the Deep Core. This would come to a head briefly in late 6 ABY when the Rebellion would take Coruscant, taking on the name of the "New Republic, planing to spread democracy throughout the Galaxy.

Within the next four years there would be continuous struggles between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire as it withdrew from irrelevant territories, Marcus would go to The Maw and from there he would begin Withdrawal plans for these secret labs, all completed works would be moved to the Lehon system (Rakata system or Star Forge system) where research was being carried on the remnants of the Star Force and where Lehon was becoming the HoloNet centre of researched and historical information in the Empire since Obroa-skai had become part of the New Republic. The Maw was rescheduled for new Research and all new research fields should be recorded in the Private records on Lehon, the technology researched was put to good use and using it the Acting Emperor managed to ruin many threats to the reorganising Empire, including threats such as Ysanne Isard and Trioculus whom attempted to work with traitorous Grand Admirals to remake the Empire as they wished - all were killed for these actions.

With all internal crisis and rebellions dealt with the Acting Galactic Emperor looked towards peace with external individuals bot more importantly, the Chiss and the New Republic, Marcus started this by assimilating the Empire of the Hand and their Chiss population under his command. Through the Chiss under his command coupled with making Grand Admiral Thrawn the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, Marcus approached the Chiss Ascendency and by late 9 ABY he had made an alliance with the Ascendency, thereby protecting the Empire from the Rear and allowing him to move onto phase two of gaining peace in the Galaxy: the New Republic. Marcus launched the Thrawn campaign allowing Thrawn to begin a number of battles against the New Republic and turn the tide against the upstart nation, after the New Republic was forced to retreat after the Battle of Bilbringi they decided upon a Peace Treaty at Anaxes, there Marcus would also be Marcus Lai's Coronation as the Galactic Emperor which the peace would last for over seventeen years.

Rebirth of the Empire series

Ruined Peace

Marcus Lai had taken a step back from Politics in the following year to help train the newest generation of New Sith members and Dark Jedi,

Personality and traits

Marcus was less indifferent to the happenings in the Galaxy than his father Palpatine and had taken a more direct approach to the Rebellion, Marcus had been shown to be cold and sadist when it came to Jedi and had mercilessly killed them unless they were to renounce the light side and Jedi Teachings. Marcus had demonstrated a cruel, sinister, sardonic, sadistic and vindictive nature in battle but showed respect for his enemies.

Outside of Battle Marcus had shown a harsh but kind and encouraging personality, wishing for the local populace of the Galaxy to come together in unification and help each other move towards the future, Marcus revealed that he desires a powerful Empire inside and out where all races are welcome. Marcus was described by loyal Imperial Citizens as an Imperial Hero, due to his leading from the front-line and his desire for peace to come through a unification of equality, many within the Military have even encouraged him to rise up against his father's tyranny and lead them on a glorious Revolution.

Physical Appearance

Marcus takes the form of a chocolate haired youth with blue-grey eyes, he wears dark clothes which usually contest of a dark jacket and grey jeans, tall and slightly muscular. He wears Black male knee high boots and usually carries on the middle finger of his right hand a black and white gemmed ring which he states is a family ring, his brown hair is a contrast to Anakin Skywalker's original blond hair and Stefan Thomas's black hair.


Darth Letalis's Lightsaber

Letalis' Lightsaber was a uniquely designed Curved-hilt Lightsaber wielded by Marcus, also known as Darth Letalis, he used this Lightsaber indiscriminately having no need to hide his Sith Powers like his father did.

Darth Letalis's Ring

A Sith Artefact of unknown creation believed to have belonged to the Sith Emperor and was passed down from Marcus' Maternal Family line, the Artefact has been enhanced through Generations of Use and Experimentation, it has generations of Sith Alchemy as well as both Sith and Dathomiri Sorcery added onto it making it an incredibly powerful Dark side Artefact.


First and Second Galactic Empires

Wilhuff Tarkin

Marcus originally started out as friends with Tarkin, however the man's loyalty to the Emperor coupled with his arrogance caused Marcus to cut him loose, Marcus didn't even attempt to warn him when it came to the Death Star and its foreseen destruction.



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Darth Bane's Sith and New Sith Orders


Marcus pretended to enjoy his father's company however he saw his father more as destructive than actually helpful, Marcus allowed the Empire to come into formation and for ten years he was unsure about whether or not he would oppose his father, by the Galactic Civil War however he became rather willing to take control of the Empire and improve conditions. Marcus would eventually plot against his father in rather dramatic ways, allowing the Rebels to almost kill him when he arrived over Endor for one where it was revealed that the Death Stars (II and III) had been moved by Marcus prior to the battle there and had been fake cloaked from Endor's Forest moon, Marcus eventually came to work with Darth Vader to duel against his father in the Imperial Palace and kill him.

The Senate

Mas Amedda

Marcus respected Mas Amedda's knowledge of his and his father's ways, knowing that Amedda had more pull over Palpatine than Marcus had due to their conspiring together, despite this however Marcus eventually plotted and succeeded to kill Amedda and his father.


Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

Marcus Lai would show a level of respect to Luke Skywalker due to the man's position as the next Grand Master of the Jedi and his rival, Luke Skywalker would also show in return the respect garnered to Marcus due to the son of Palpatine being risen to the position of Galactic Emperor during their first meeting, both would be wary of the other's movements and would always consider that the other Force sensitive Order's Grand Master was up to something.

New Republic

Senator Bail Organa

Marcus respected Bail Organa prior to the former Senator joining the Rebellion, however he considered Bail more of an idealist than a realist, desiring better conditions when there couldn't be done.


Boba Fett

Marcus Lai had a weary friendship with the Mandalorian Cloned Bounty Hunter, and later Mandalore, Marcus continued to hold together his half of the New Sith-Mandalorian alliance with the Mandalorians even after Boba Fett's death.

Powers and abilities

Darth Letalis was claimed to be able to use the dark side on the same level as his father if not stronger due to his youth, he was able to lead his troops through a mental urge for victory and through the usage of Sith Battle Meditation, it was also believed at the time that Letalis had gained a holocron from his mother that allowed him to learn the teachings of the original Sith Emperor as well as the means he had taken to live forever. It was revealed that through his teachings with his Mother that those like them that followed the Sith Emperor's teachings looked at the Force different than either Sith or Jedi, the Sith dammed up the Force River and gained power from it while the Jedi let it flow through them, Letalis and those like him however considered themselves a generated whirlpool in the flow - a way to gain energy comparable to the Sith while like the Jedi not having to worry about corruption from the Force.

Force Abilities

Dark side-aligned abilities

Basic dark side abilities
  • Force Destruction - Letalis was a Master of Force Destruction using it easily.
  • Force travel - Marcus could easily use the Dark side to teleport himself great distances across the Galaxy with minimal negative effects.
    • Force travel negation - Marcus could easily create a Barrier through the Dark side that would negate Force travelling to certain locations that he is in, with ease.
  • Force Fear - Letalis used this to make Allies and enemies alike fear him, especially in battle.
    • Force Horror - Letalis had much skill in the use of Force Horror and its companion: Force Insanity.
  • Force lightning - Letalis, like any powerful Sith was quite skilled in Force Lightning. The colour of Letalis' Lightning is Black.
    • Chain lightning - Letalis was quite able to shock more than one person with Force Lightning.
    • Force Shock - Letalis used this to stun potent targets, using it to catch Jedi off guard and kill them.
    • Force Storm - Letalis had been able to create a storm of Force Lightning from the palms of his hands.
  • Force Maelstrom - Letalis could easily use Telekinesis and the Force to launch a Force Maelstrom on his enemies.
  • Force phantom - Letalis, upon taking the Throne from his deceased father he set about gathering knowledge from various cultures including other independent Sith, Lumiya found Darth Vectivus' holocron and Letalis probably learned it from there.
  • Force rage - Letalis used his anger and rage to enhance his powers and skills.
  • Force Scream - Letalis was believed to be able to release a controlled Force scream upon his enemies, more like a battle cry prior to attacking.
  • Force Slow - Letalis was taught Force Slow by his father.
  • Force Sphere - Letalis was taught Darth Maul's skill by his father, Palpatine, whom recorded all new skills used by his apprentices in the Telos Holocron.
  • Force storm (wormhole) - After his father's death on the Death Star, Letalis became able to use Force storm, to dangerous effects.
  • Telekinesis - Letalis was a Master of using Telekinesis.
    • Force wound - Letalis could injure the internal organs of a person, using Telekinesis, with ease.
      • Force grip - Letalis was quite able to cause injury to the body of an entire person with Telekinesis.
        • Force choke - Letalis more than once choked someone for failure, even putting pressure on the throats of his power hungry subordinates, to remind them who is boss.
      • Force crush - Letalis had no problem using the Force to totally crush an enemy's body until they died.
  • Mechu-deru - Letalis, infused Droids with the Darkside and controlled them, this was seen with his A-01 Automatons that he had invented.
  • Mind Control - Letalis used this skill to infuse a long term Force Corruption in the minds of the people he comes across, turning them into his allies.
    • Force Corrupt - Letalis was a Master of Force Corruption, he used it on the Rebels and allowed them to live, this in turn gave him insiders into their Organization.
  • Spear of Midnight Black - Letalis could forge Darkside Energies into a spear which he directed at his enemies for maximum damage.
  • Torture by Chagrin - Letalis used this to torture Jedi and turn them into Dark Jedi, Letalis even used this on Jacen Solo, when he was captured by the Empire.
Exotic dark side abilities
  • Sith Alchemy - Letalis was quite skilled at the art of Sith Alchemy and evidence of this came from his creation of the Lycans, a race of Humanoid Wolves connected to Sith Sorcery - through the form of a Curse, Letalis was also belied to have used Sith Alchemy and Sorcery in conjuncture on his ring.
  • Sith Sorcery - Letalis was a Sith Sorcerer, it is claimed that he knew the Sith Spell used to cause Stars to go Supernova, with deadly effect.

Universal Force abilities

  • Battle Meditation - Letalis was a Master of Battle Meditation, particularly Sith Battle Meditation, which he used to crush his enemies with ease in confrontations.
  • Aing-Tii Fighting-sight - During his Ten years pilgrimage, Letalis went about learning other abilities from the Force Cultures he stayed with, there he possibly learned this from the Aing-Tii.
  • Art of the Small - It is unknown how Letalis came upon this ability which was taught by Vergere, it could be very possible that Letalis learned this condensing Force Ability through experimentation, making Letalis a re-inventor of the Ability (especially since its only user prior is out of the Galaxy till 25 ABY).
  • Comprehend Speech - Letalis was able to understand the language of any race that speaks it.
  • Force Throw - Letalis has been shown to be very skilled at the telekinetic arts.
  • Force Vision - Letalis was known to have Force Visions.
  • Force Push - Letalis could easily use Force Push to use Telekinetic powers to move objects or individuals.
    • Force Whirlwind - Letalis could use the Force to control the air current causing a maelstrom and controlling it.
    • Force Wave - Letalis was able to use Force Wave to explode pure Telekinetic energy out around him.
      • Force Repulse - Letalis could use Force Repulse, the cousin of Force Wave, the deadly effect to those around him.
  • Force Barrier - Letalis could create a field of Force energy to defend against damage directed at him.
  • Precognition - Letalis was quite capable of predicting the future of events or more specifically his future with powerful enemies.
  • Shatterpoint - Letalis was one of the few people to be born with sight of Shatterpoints, using this, Letalis plotted out his future using Shatterpoints as one of his major influences.
  • Force-flash - Letalis could stop the recording of Holocam, briefly disabling them, when he passes by if he so desired.

Light side Force abilities

  • Tutaminis - After his pilgrimage Letalis showed great skill at the different types of defensive Abilities used by the Jedi, also a natural ability came to him prior to his pilgrimage, revealing that similar to Vader he had the ability to absorb energy through his hand at that early stage - absorbing Blaster Bolts so they caused very little damage.
  • Battlemind - Letalis took interest in the battle mind and was able to use it to enhance dark side abilities including Vaapad.
  • Hibernation Trance - Letalis was quite capable of going into a Hibernation trance for many reasons, usually healing.

Other Force abilities

  • Force Stealth - Like his father, Letalis was a notorious user of Force Stealth and managed to use it to great effect at the Battle of Coruscant during the Clone Wars, where he managed to use the dark side and Telekinesis to down three C-9979 landing craft and two Vulture droid fighters all without getting discovered.
  • Farsight - After becoming Emperor, after killing his father, Letalis was quite able of seeing distant or future events regarding himself or the things he thought on.
  • Flow-walking - During his ten years of Pilgrimage, he learned this from the Aing-Tii while being apprenticed under them.
  • Theran Force-listening - During his pilgrimage, Letalis took up learning with the Theran Listeners, learning how to hear things through the Force.
  • Age Negation - A long lost Force Ability rediscovered by the Sith Emperor and recorded on his holocron, it allows the cells of the body to reproduce as a static rate, allowing the body to remain static and non-aging.
  • Soulmate Bond - Marcus has a Soulmate Bond with Stefan Thomas, also known as Darth Clavis.

Physical abilities

  • The Seven Lightsaber Forms - Letalis was described as a peerless Lightsaber swordsman, by Darth Vader, it was well to assume that he knew most of if not all of the Seven Forms.
    • Lightsaber Form Variants - Letalis was a Master of Lightsaber Form variants, among these included Vaapad whom he used in battle against Stefan Thomas during their duel on Korriban.
  • Dun Möch - Letalis was capable at using distraction and doubts when in combat to gain an upper hand on his enemies, he even taunted them at times or throwing objects at his enemies.
  • Saber Throw - Letalis had an amazing throwing arm, along with Telekinesis, Letalis could throw his Lightsaber with great strength and cause it to come easily back to his hand.

Other Unique Abilities

  • Super Strength - Letalis was revealed capable of having Super strength, easily being able to overpower a Wookiee with his supernaturally enhanced strength, it is claimed that for every person killed and every soul claimed Clavis and Letalis would become stronger and stronger until none could compete with them.
  • Invulnerability - Letalis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can become Invulnerable to harm should they concentrate. It is known that The Ones, specifically demonstrated by The Father and The Son, are capable of this ability.
  • Dream Walking - Letalis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can enter the dreams and daydreams of people through their minds. It is known that The Ones, specifically demonstrated by The Son, are capable of this ability.
  • Shapeshifting - Letalis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can shapeshift into any form he likes. Marcus seemingly had this in common with, The Ones, a family of powerful Celestials that had come to specialize in the aspects of each states of the Force.

Behind the scenes

His first name "Marcus" means "Warlike". His middle name "Derek" means "Great Ruler". Marcus' first and middle names together intentionally means the "Warlike Great Ruler". Marcus' Sith name: "Letalis", is a Latin word meaning "Fatal or Lethal".


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