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Marc Enari
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Human
Gender Male
Height  ???
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Eras Rise of the Empire-New Republic
Affiliation Mercenary, later Rebel Alliance, then retired
Lifetime 42 BBY-5 ABY

Marc Enari was a mercenary from Coruscant. He went on mercenary missions for the Jedi and Darth Sidious. Many of his missions included setting bombs, stealing holocrons, and many other things like that. He hated the Separatists but would protect them if given the order and the right amount of credits.

Right before the Clone Wars, he was attacked by a glitchy clone trooper. He succeeded in killing the odd soldier and stole the armor off of the clone's corpse. He also explored ancient Jedi & Sith ruins, which explains how he got a Jedi's hood from the ruins, which he attached to his armor. He even found a brown cape to match with the hood.

He had a rival mercenary. Her name was Cressida Selene. The Rivalry started when Marc Enari and Cressida Selene were on the same mission. They weren't on the same side during that mission. They had to get a very important holocron. Cressida succeeded in getting it, while Marc left the ruins empty-handed.

He usually worked for Darth Sidious, because Sidious paid a lot of money. The new Clone Troopers that were on the same planet as him during Order 66 helped him with his missions.

Soon after the Empire was in control, he heard his rival was killed by Clone Troopers earlier. He was so mad about this that he joined the Rebel Alliance after it was formed. He had realized he didn't hate his rival at all. He stopped his Mercenary work and expected no pay when he joined the Alliance. He was a commander on Hoth.

After he heard of the Emperor's and Vader's deaths, he retired from the Rebellion to live on Almar, homeworld of his dead rival. A year after he retired, he found Cressida's lifeless corpse. When he did, he was surprised to see it. He became mentally ill and, after giving Cressida a proper burial, died at the site of the gravestone of a broken heart. He was buried right next to Cressida.

Quotes Edit

"That was one WEIRD Clone Trooper."

"I hate you, Sidious, but I'll do your dirty work for a hefty fee."

"I joined the Rebel Alliance because I want revenge! Revenge for what the Empire did to Cressida! And now that I'm with the Rebel Alliance, I'm gonna get that revenge, and it's gonna feel SO good!"

Behind the scenesEdit

Marc Enari's name is a corruption of the word 'mercenary'. His clothing was based off of the Disguised Clone in Lego Star Wars: The Video Game.