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Do I know her? Of course not. No one does. All you need to know is that she is in charge.
—Mandy's spokesman

Mandy Jaal was female Human outlaw and self proclaimed Jedi hunter. After being born to abusive parents on Mygeeto, she was raised by native slavers and learned the illegal arts of smuggling and piracy. She later became the fourth Overlord or the Underworld. She was far more cautious then her predecessors. Rather than displaying her power, Mandy kept her very appearance secret. After watching other Overlords get assassinated or betrayed she hid herself in the safety of the Hiden Planet. Flanked only by droids and dumb Gamorreans, she lived a life of solitude. This lifestyle seemed contradictorily to her high position. Despite this seemingly backward mindset, Jaal remained the most powerful individual in Underworld for nearly twenty-four years.

Ruling from behind the scenes, Jaal led the Coalition through the Galactic Civil War. After Imperial forces began cracking down of the Underworld's illegal operations, Many sided with the Rebellion, in hopes of gaining favor with the knew government. The plan seemed to back fire, after both the Alliance and the Coalition suffered heavy defeats at the hands of the Empire and the Black Sun. Jaal became desperate to save her organization. Despite her cautious nature, a single act of carelessness with Prince Xizor nearly destroyed the Coalition and cost Mandy her life.


Early Life

Mandy was born on Mygeeto to a drug addicted Zeltron mother and an abusive father, who repeated required Mandy to "make herself useful." At the age of twelve she finally had enough. Jaal ran away from her home and fled into Mygeeto's wilderness. However, her daring escape ended almost as quickly as it started. She was abducted by a Mygeetan slaver named Kreet.


Kreet, Mandy's new master.

The Mygeetans worked for the Delijiti Slaver Guild, a sub-company of the Underworld Coalition. Therefore Kreet and his caravan traveled toward a small village where they hoped to sell Mandy. But on the way they were attacked by bandits. In the chaos that followed, Kreet found himself pinned by a thug and Mandy managed to secure a blaster. But rather than freeing herself she killed the robber who was threatening Kreet. In a show of thanks, Kreet freed Mandy made her his personal project.

Jaal was traveled with the criminals for many years and was taught the alien's illegal arts. She learned how to get goods past Republic checkpoints and how to captured slaves. Kreet also taught her various combat skills, ranging from blasters to vibroswords.

Despite the aid the Mygeetans gave her, Mandy never trusted them. This was often accredited to her sober past, though it may have had something to do with the alien's deceitful way of life. For what ever reason, Jaal purchased a shapeship and left Mygeeto.

Smuggling Career

Mandy Jaal traveled throughout the Outer Rim in search of work. After seeking council from various other criminals, she realized that the best way to get a job was to join the Underworld Coalition. After doing so she was contacted by various crimelords. Mandy, not wanted to be backstabbed by the Pooh-Bah gangsters, would contact the crimelords only via HoloNet. While communicating with her employers she would always keep her face covered. Though his hardly eased the nerves of the crimelords it did keep Mandy from being exploited.

One of her early missions was for the Hutt, Muggera. However, on her way to Muggera's homeworld, Mandy was attacked by pirates and the cargo was stolen. Enraged, the Hutt threatened to enslave Jaal if she did not retrieve the lost items.

Therefore Mandy Jaal tracked the pirates to a cargo hangar Nal Hutta. Outnumbered and outgunned, she set up a stakeout and watched the criminals. In watching them she discovered that the pirates brought in beers and got drunk nearly every night. Still not willing to take the risk of attacking the drunken mob, Mandy poisoned their drinks. After the pirates were all dead, she simply walked into the hangar a reclaimed the stolen cargo. So impressed was Muggera by Mandy's actions that he was not only pardon her, but keep her regular customer.

With a constant stream of employment, Mandy soon established herself as an efficient and reliable agent.

Clone Wars

By the time of the Clone Wars, Jaal had become an experienced and successful smuggler. She would take on large jobs and accept the equally large reward. After which she would disappear into the underworld, until the hunt for her had ended. This method was highly successful and kept her out of prison.

After the Underworld Coalition sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Mandy was hired to assassinate a Jedi Knight. Jaal, though reluctant, agreed. Not wanting to engage the Jedi face-to-face, she opted to snipe the Knight. Though the Jedi felt the oncoming presence of the blaster bolt, he was still left mortally wounded. To avoid being captured by the Republic, Mandy stabbed the Jedi with his own lightsaber and made it look like a suicide.

Fearing that the Republic would discover her crimes, Mandy spent the remainder of the war hiding in the Wild Space.

Overlady of the Underworld

After Muggera was captured by Imperial forces, and removed of his title, the Brethrens' Court was called to elected a new Overlord of the Underworld. The squabbling delegates found that it would be impossible for them to appoint of of their own members. Therefore they choose Mandy, believing that she would be easy to manipulate.

Mandy, though shocked by the Court's decision, readily accepted the rank of Overlord. After seeing how past Overlords had betrayed and killed off one another, she endeavored to outcast her rivals. She instructed her underlings to build the Hiden Planet, a secure battlestation, the location of which was known only by Jaal's must trusted agents.

Jaal ran the Underworld through secure HoloNet channels. However, for the most part the Court got their way and operated their companies with little interference from Mandy. Her cautious nature kept her from challenging the crimelords.

Aggressive Negotiations

Imperial party

"Mandy" talks with high ranking Imperials.

Hoping to gain the aid of the Galaxy's new super power, Mandy sent her decoy, Grayl, to negotiate with the Galactic Empire. Though the talks on Coruscant appeared to be making headway, it was all a ploy by the Empire. The Coalition's rival, the Black Sun, convinced their Imperial allies to use the meeting as a way to destroy the Underworld.

After gaining information from the naive Grayl, the Empire made its move. Stormtroopers attack Grayl's hotel, believing her to be Mandy. The Imperial troops surrounded the building and ordered all inside to surrender. After a long standoff the Stormtroopers were ordered to move, but to take "Mandy" alive. In order to save her mistress, Grayl sacrificed herself.

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