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Mandalorian wolves or Kyr'oya'kar as they were known in Mando'a were fierce predatory canines native to Mandalore, and found throughout the Mandalore sector, notably on worlds such as Mandalore's moon, Concordia and the nearby worlds of Ordo and Concord Dawn.

These animals were highly intelligent social creatures, often living and hunting in packs, with each pack controlling a large territory. It's main food source was the Shatual. The wolves' first contact with sentients occurred when the Taung species took over the planet Mandalore, originally the two species fought against each other, until it was realised that it would be mutually beneficial for each if they viewed each other as allies rather than as competition, and since that day the Mandalorians and wolves had a unique bond. The wolves were most often found roaming in packs in the wooded wilderness areas of Mandalore, but were also often seen around traditional Mandalorian Vhe'yaim, these wolves were easily adopted into the Mandalorian clans as the wolves saw the clans as their new pack-mates, due to the similarities between wolf pack behaviour and the clans.

They were highly prized outside of the Mandalore sector for their ferocious, yet loyal nature and were often used as guard animals for beings rich enough to afford them. Their fur was also very expensive, but the Mandalorians banned the hunting of the animals, due to the traditional belief that the animals were the angelic messengers of the Mandalorian war-god Kad Ha'rangir.

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