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The Mandalorian shot, colloquially known as Mando-ade or Mando-aid, was an alcoholic beverage. The primary ingredient of the drink was vodka, a distilled beverage. The drink was typically sold with an alcohol volume content around the traditional 40% mark, making it an 80 proof. The vodka used for the beverage was fermented and distilled from one location, the planet Mandalore. The soil was conducive to a special wheat breed that was grown solely on Mandalore and produced the vodka used in the Mandalorian shot. The wheat was harvested and distilled in Mandalorian distillers, but was minimally filtered clean in order to preserve the taste provided by the unique bread of wheat. The spirit was repeatedly distilled until it reached pure ethanol, during the bottling, however, the alcohol content would be diluted with water. Depending on the type of shot, more or less water would be added to the bottle. The variations Bottle Rocket mandated a rating of 50% or 100 proof and Rocket Man required an alcohol content rating of 60% or 120 proof.

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