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Mandalore the Great or formerly Kodin was the title bestowed upon the Human male leader of the Mandalorian warrior clans during the Dark Galactic War. Before becoming Mandalore, the man was a young member of the then-scattered warrior clans. He lived in the slums of Coruscant as one of the many Mandalorian gladiators who participated in underground fights for credits. He was a prowess fighter, his rise to fame was dramatically accelerated by the intervention of Grand Intelligence, an espionage agency of the Sith Empire.

Agents of Intelligence identified the young mans potential, a fighter of exceptional skill, not seen in a Mandalore in centuries and as a possible future leader they could help to reunite the Mandalorian clans and guide them into an alliance with the Sith. The agents backed his fights with wealth and rose to champion of the arena. The Sith exploited his reputation and that he was to become the new warrior-king of his people, Mandalore. He accepted the title and the power it carried, but became subservient to the Empire that built him. As an act of loyalty, the new Mandalore directed his followers into fighting and placed the Sith as the victors of the Dark Galactic War.


Born in the rough depths of Coruscant, He was the son of a young maid who worked for a senator and his father unknown. His mother scared of having a child abandoned him in the Dark Slumps. He was found by a Mandalorian hustler known as Big Dice, took him in and named him Kodin. His mentor taught him all he knew about hustling and swindling, but more importantly to Big Dice he trained him in the ways of the mandalorian. he saw massive potential in the young Kodin. His fighting prowess is the likes he never seen in such a young boy and is devotion and focus to never give up till he conquered his training.

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