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Mally Delwynn was an young girl born on Alderaan 722 BBY to Shmuel and Evening Delwynn. The family later moved to Alsakan. Delwynn and her father were outside a large AlsaBanc branch in their hometown of Port Taormina when a heist unfolded. Avar Zranik, one of the robbers, launched a rocket at the vehicle. Shmuel Delwynn died instantly, but the young girl was thrown against a tree and pinned by the vehicle. Her lower body was crushed and slightly severed, but the vehicle was also preventing the girl from bleeding out by pressing her lower body tightly against the tree. Her mother arrived shortly after the robbery and held the girl in her arms until she died. Mally Delwynn was only eight at the time. Evening Delwynn eventually began a relentless pursuit of justice, the investigation coming to the fore during the Seswenna Security Crisis. To honor the young girl, the elder Delwynn named her vessel Mally.


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