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The Mally was a modified Traverser-class cruiser used by Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn as a home and mobile office. It was the primary means of transportation for Delwynn during the Seswenna Security Crisis.


Around 710 BBY the father of Evening Delwynn and Twilight Nariu purchased a Traverser-class cruiser/transport hybrid from Kuat Systems Engineering to be used as a mobile office for his Core Worlds light delivery service. He named the vessel the Evening Twilight after his two daughters. After using it for a few months, however, he decided to sell the vessel to his daughter, Evening, for only the remaining payment due. Delwynn took possession of the ship but initially used it sporadically. When her father passed only a few months later, she renamed the vessel Mally after her late daughter.

Delwynn began to be quickly promoted in the Governmental Investigative Network, and she was made a team leader, requiring travel across the Core Worlds. By 708 BBY, Delwynn had received permission to use the Mally as a mobile office for cases that involved substantial interplanetary travel. She was reimbursed by the GIN for foodstuffs, fuel, and other consumables that her team required. Able to live meagerly, she sold her small tower condo on Alsakan and moved into the vessel with her utility droid MR-A7. When not traveling, Delwynn docked at the retreat house near the ruins of the Alsakan Mosaics that she had inherited with her sister, Twilight.

The layout of the Mally during the Seswenna Security Crisis

The Mally was steadily upgraded between 707 and 705 BBY, as security doors were added to a small section of the ship to create a pair of holding cells for suspects. The GIN also purchased forensics equipment and Delwynn converted one of the medical rooms into a forensics laboratory under the guidance of Asana Lani, a Twi'lek forensics expert and member of Delwynn's team. The agent had a computer laboratory installed with her own money and devoted an entire machine solely to the task of tracking down her daughter's murderer. Communications were also upgraded to allow for secure transmissions through Republic Holonet channels to GIN's offices across the galaxy.

By 703 BBY, Delwynn had taken the vessel to many far reaches of the galaxy. She eventually arrived with Lani and MR-A7 on the Outer Rim moon Qina, where Waron Danstari was assigned to her team as the new pilot and investigator. Her task was to uncover a meeting between Senator Hanik Regueny, financier Catiene Gallien, and bounty hunter Grems Lind. As the investigation continued, the Seswenna Security Crisis began to unfold, forcing the Mally to hop between Eriadu, Seswenna, Denon, Thyferra, and Coruscant. Along the way, she gained additional Jedi support.


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