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Malee-a Danseer was a Jedi Master during the Resurrected Bane Wars in 800 ABY.


Early lifeEdit

Born to Altirion aristocrats in 770 ABY on Coruscant, she originally lived a life of affluence and wealth. When she was four years old, however, the Jedi Master Olen Mau discovered her force potential, and asked her parents if she could be trained as a Jedi. Her parents refused at first, but when the Jedi offered them a substantial amount of credits, the greedy couple agreed to sell her off. As a youngling, she trained under Chrisalaas Martokanon in the Acklay Clan, alongside Halhad Mortin. A short time before Chrisalaas turned to the Dark Side, she witnessed him observing the secrets of the Sith Holocron. She could not help seeing the secrets as well.

At the age of ten, Volon Pouryia took her as his padawan learner, and taught her a great many things. She grew to be a great swordswoman, skilled in Ataru style lightsaber combat as well as Shado Mediin. After her knighting in 785 ABY, she discovered Chodos Tome on Bespin, and took him to the Jedi Temple to be trained. She would later take him as her padawan.

Sith uprisingEdit

When the Sith conquered New Alderaan in 800 ABY, the Republic was thrown into turmoil. Many feared that the Sith would once again occupy the galaxy. Malee-a was quickly named a General of the Republic forces. Her skill with diplomacy helped keep many worlds from surrendering to the Sith. Her skill with a lightsaber kept many enemies at bay. However, she would eventually meet her match in Darth Annialatis.

Malee-a was one of four Jedi sent to kill the Sith lords in 801 ABY. After dispatching Darth Terrasus in a fight, she held her own against Annialatis for a good while, before finally getting the nerves in her arms slashed. Unable to lift her arms for attack, she quickly Force-kicked Annialatis into a corner, thus saving both her and her padawan's lives. Chrisalaas Martokanon, her old trainer, soon arrived to finish off the Sith, which he did with ease.

After the warEdit

After Chodos Tome was knighted, she was raised to the position of Jedi Master, and given a seat on the Jedi Counsel. She continued to train Jedi Padawans for several more years afterward.

Behind the scenesEdit

Malee-a's name is based off of a friend of mine's name.

Chodos sees her as a mother figure, for she raised him ever since he was a baby. Malee-a and Chodos shared quarters in the Jedi Temple, and were never seen apart. Rumors spread among the Jedi and others that Malee-a and Chodos were romantically involved, but these stories soon dissolved when Chodos said that she was a mother to him.