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Maka Jeth was a male Arkanian smuggler. His slave and partner was the Yaka, Duwingo. He owned the freighter, Maka's Delight.

He was the man, who captured Nathaniel Kenobi's wife, Abigaile Jade Kenobi, and his child, Abigaile Kenobi, on the planet Tatooine.

Nathan's grandchild, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, later helped Maka and Duwingo, by letting them serve as double-agents, within the Peace Brigade. (Nathan did not know that they had—however incidentally—killed his mother.) But in truth, Maka and Duwingo were working against the Jedi and the New Republic.

During the Mission to Korriban, Nathan asked Maka to help him gain access to Korriban. Maka decided to double-cross them and reported them, to his superiors.

He and Duwingo were killed on Korriban, by Yuuzhan Vong Sub-Commander Eatmo Chick'en.


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