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Magna Luna. The Gateway to Paradise and the Sewer of the Outer Rim.
—Acrolian Grand Admiral Gaius Demyus

Magna Luna, meaning "Great Moon" in Lanacro, was the name of the planet Acrolis' only moon, a satellite once as equally forested and green as the planet it orbited but paved during the last millennia of the Old Republic. Often referred to as the "Coruscant of the Outer Rim" for its moon-wide cityscapes, Magna Luna became a place of corruption, for all the outcasts of Acrolian society were banished to the moon's surface. Over time, the moon became the planet Acrolis's main spaceport and gateway to the galaxy as all transports and would-be tourists landed first at the moon before boarding one of three ferries to the planet's surface.

As many young Acroyali yearned for adventure and the excitement of Magna Luna's numerous casinos, the moon saw an influx in the amount of Acroyali present in the population. The moon's security was tight, and no crimes were left unpunished. Though terrorism occurred occasionally on Magna Luna, primarily during the Clone Wars, the Acrolian Star Empire's control over the moon was strong enough to restore the peace almost instantaneously. However, with a Confederacy of Independent Systems' attack towards the end of the War, the moon and its massive spaceport were damaged but were soon repaired.


The moon of Magna Luna was first settled by several Acroyali, the native species of the planet Acrolis, soon after their discovery and implementation of solar sail space travel. The moon, smaller than its parent but bearing a physical resemblance to Acrolis, was soon thereafter dotted with small villages and temples. It remained largely untouched by the inhabitants of Acrolis until around 1,300 BBY, when the Acroyali and Humans of Acrolis formed a republic. In dire need of a spaceport, they razed the forests of Magna Luna and built Magna Luna Spaceport. Over time, the spaceport and surrounding cities grew to include every meter of the moon's surface, coming to be known as the "Coruscant of the Outer Rim." The moon's title was often shared with Outer Rim planet world Eriadu, and a rivalry of sorts existed between the populations of the two worlds as to the rightful owner of the term.

During the last days of the Clone Wars, the moon was attacked by Confederacy of Independent Systems forces and extensively damaged. Most of its spaceport was critically disabled, and its government district was devastated by CIS bombers. However, the moon was not the only part of the system attacked. Its parent Acrolis was the main focus of the invasion, but the Separatist forces occupied Magna Luna, using it as a staging ground and base of operations for the larger attack. There was some resistance from the inhabitants of the moon, but it was put down by the Separatists' battle droids early on in the battle. After the attack, the spaceport was repaired and returned to its former glory.


The moon of Magna Luna was the only moon of the planet Acrolis. The only other body not destroyed by the Acroyali and turned into a part of Acrolis's asteroid belt, it was once a forested and temperate moon like its parent. However, with the arrival of numerous Acrolian contractors and entrepreneurial off-worlders following the founding of the Acrolian Republic, its forests were torn down and the moon's surface paved. Over time, the moon was transformed into one large city, similar in construction to Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant. For this reason it was dubbed as the "Coruscant of the Outer Rim."[1] The moon housed an impressively large spaceport that took in ships from the far reaches of the galaxy, where numerous tourists, business executives, and politicians sought to gain passage to Acrolis. Most never got as far as speaking with an Acrolian official; the vast majority left disappointed or fell in with the corruption that permeated the moon. Despite the spread of such criminal elements that prompted an Acrolian admiral to refer to Magna Luna as the "Sewer of the Outer Rim,"[2] the Acrolian Republic and later the Acrolian Star Empire kept the moon under tight security, as many would-be criminals soon discovered. Terrorism and vandalism were punishable by death in accordance with Acrolian law, much to the chagrin of Galactic Republic citizens on the moon and few Acrolian citizens who protested the brutality of the law. The moon's nightlife was a major part of the moon's culture, catering to many species and the whole spectrum of morality. As many young Acroyali yearned for adventure and the excitement of Magna Luna's numerous casinos, the moon saw an influx in the amount of Acroyali present in the population.


Magna Luna's cityscapes

Apart from the skyscrapers and casinos, the moon also possessed a massive ring of fortresses scattered across the surface, housing the moon's large ASE Army legions. A number of planetary defense cannons were scattered throughout the city, dissuading any potential invading fleets. While not as large and powerful as the planetary defense cannons found on Acrolis, they were capable of eliminating virtually any small capital ship, despite a lengthy recharge time. These guns were strategically placed so as to aim at crossroads in the automated speeder lanes. Others were aimed at common hyperspace exits where starships would enter into Acrolian space.

Noteworthy locationsEdit

Upon a mountain stood the ancient Acroyali Temple, a building once looking down upon a vast valley of forests and fields but was now at the very center of the governmental district of the moon. Its architectural style was similar to that of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant; a massive palace standing high above all other buildings around it and a symbol of the might of the people of Acrolis.

The massive Magna Luna Spaceport was also a noteworthy complex that covered a good eighth of the moon's surface. It contained its own police force and dormitories for its on-staff workers, as well as an internal repulsor train system. Due to the planet's prominent location near the Alzoc-Corulag hyperspace route, Magna Luna received many transports from across the galaxy, carrying many exotic goods and species to the spaceport.


The inhabitants of the moon of Magna Luna were primarily from the planet Acrolis, being Acroyali or Human in origin. However, as the Acrolian sector sat near a major hyperspace route, the moon, being the only place where outsiders could congregate due to the xenophobic nature of Acrolian culture, soon attracted many different species from around the galaxy. These immigrants brought with them their own cultures and society, and the dominant culture of Acrolis, known as "Acrolian exceptionalism," was relegated to a minority of the population. The planet became a miniature version of Coruscant, with many different societies living and existing together, largely ignoring each others' existences.

Behind the scenesEdit

Magna Luna (Latin for "Great Moon") was created by Sebolto as a way for the xenophobic people of Acrolis to have some connection to the outside galaxy. As no outsiders were permitted on the planet's floor, any spaceport would have to be in orbit around Acrolis. Magna Luna was conceived as an appropriate means to house this spaceport that would serve as an in-between zone for the people of Acrolis.


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