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Madrix Tann was a male Chiss adept in the Dark Side Elite of the reborn Emperor Palpatine. During the Galactic Civil War, he held the rank of Chief Inquisitor in the Inquisitorius and took part in multiple battles. Following the death of the Galactic Emperor and Darth Vader over Endor in 4 ABY, he journeyed to the planet of Byss, where he awaited the return of Palpatine. When Operation Shadow Hand commenced in 10 ABY, he was appointed as one of the seven Dark Jedi on the Dark Side Elite. Tann carried out missions independently against the New Republic, and survived when Palpatine died for the final time on Onderon. He felt the death through the Force and fled into the Outer Rim Territories, with the New Jedi Order falsely believing that Kam Solusar was the only surviving member of the Elite.

He was loyal and dedicated to Emperor Palpatine and his New Order, and staunchly opposed the New Republic and any other government that was against the Empire. Tann truly believed that the Empire and the New Order were the best governance for the galaxy, despite the fact that it was anti-alien, and he was one. Tann also possessed reasonable skill in lightsaber dueling and usage of the Force, trained by Palpatine and several of his Emperor's Hands on Byss.


Early life

Tann was a male Chiss born at an unknown date on Csilla, a planet in the Unknown Regions. He was a Force-sensitive. Tann became one of the few Chiss to leave the Unknown Regions, when discovered by an agent of Darth Sidious, a Chiss officer named Thrawn, sometime between 11 and 5 BBY. Tann was sent to Byss, where he was trained to use the Dark Side of the Force by Palpatine and several of his Emperor's Hands. During that time, he also attended a military academy near the Emperor's Citadel, where he was taught military tactics and planning. Tann became a strong supporter of Palpatine, and the New Order. In 4 BBY, he constructed his lightsaber. Palpatine thought about making him one of his Hands, but ultimately decided to make him an Imperial Inquisitor. Tann was sent out of the Deep Core in 3 BBY to serve as a full Chief Inquisitor.

Galactic Civil War

Hunt for the Malevolence III

Upon coming into service, Tann was sent to Coruscant. There, he was given an assignment by the Grand Inquisitor, a female Human named Hydra. The Alliance to Restore the Republic was attempting to recover an old Subjugator-class heavy cruiser that General Grievous attempted to construct during the Clone Wars, the Malevolence III. The ship, if it came into service within the Alliance Fleet, could wreck havoc upon the Imperial Navy, using its massive ion cannons. According to old Galactic Republic records, the first vessel of its class managed to cause heavy casualties to the Republic Navy. Darth Vader, who had helped destroy the first and second Malevolence cruisers during the Clone Wars, ordered the mission himself. It became known as the Hunt for the Malevolence.

Tann and a team of three other Inquisitors traveled to Pammant, a planet in the Outer Rim Territories that was the site of the shipyard that constructed the Malevolence III in the final year of the Clone Wars. Upon arrival, they came onto the docks and talked to several officials. However, in one office, they came under attack by several Rebel Alliance Intelligence agents. After a firefight, Tann and another Inquisitor, a female Chiss named Nakia Yarin, killed the agents and followed several survivors to their shuttle. After another firefight, they killed off those who survived the first fight and remembered that the Rebels were also hunting for the vessel. Tann and Yarin met up with the other two Inquisitors, who were on another part of the docks, and interrogated the owner, who informed them that he already gave away the location of the vessel to the Rebel agents. Tann informed him that they were dead as he proceeded to tell them the location: a hidden shipyard in the Dominus system were Grievous wanted to hide it until he could use it later.

Personality and traits

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