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MacosFenix byMercy
Macos Fenix
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New Republic era, New Jedi Order era, Legacy Era

You’re good at throwing knives"
"Is she dead?"
"Nope, but she’s unconscious."
"Damn. I aimed at her neck.

Ara Norvath with Macos Fenix

Macos Fenix was an unsuccessful bounty hunter who fought alongside Mandalorians in the late Yuuzhan Vong War.


Early lifeEdit

Born into a higher middle-class family on Corulag, Macos Fenix's later choice of becoming a bounty hunter was a rather unusual one for a citizen of such a wealthy world. And since crime was rather rare on Corulag, as compared to other Core Worlds, Fenix left his homeplanet in his early twenties in the belief to find an upturn of his career on heavily-populated, urban Denon. And although the bounty hunting business generally ran better on Denon, Fenix never got the reputation needed for more profitable jobs, and especially for more money so that he could afford his own ship and had not to be restricted to a single planet for his business. His family could never understand his agendas, and once he left them, didn't even regard Macos as a proper family member any longer.

Unlucky marriageEdit

And while Macos often dreamed of a better life and job, he never brought himself to do something about it, even until his mid-thirties. By that time, when the Yuuzhan Vong had just started invading the galaxy, he married Bothan huntress Shayl Ak’lon, who both had a ship, a better reputation and more wealth than him, but the marriage was short-lived. His wife preferred doing her jobs on her own, she wasn't a team player, and was off-planet most of the time, especially with the growing demand for gun-for-hires in this critical time. When Fenix finally could convince her to do a job together, he screwed all up and accidentally killed the bounty, which had a high price on his head, but only alive. He could just about escape the wrath of Shayl, steal her ship and escape back to Denon, where he sold it and booked a flight to Contruum, where he wanted to start a new life.

Encounter with the MandaloriansEdit

Things like that don’t tend to happen to me every day, y’know. Things like being welcomed with open arms by Mandalorians.
—Macos Fenix

Even before arriving at the spaceliner, Fenix noticed that a big price had been placed on his head, and he knew he would be lucky to survive the journey. Halfway of the flight, it turned out that he had indeed luck—bad luck. The vessel was raided by a group of Peace Brigaders, and in the cluster of events he found himself allying with an apparent bounty huntress—who later turned out to be Mandalorian—whom he helped liberating the ship from the Brigaders, meeting his ex-wife, rendering her unconscious, and finding out that it had been her who had placed that bounty on his head. Leaving his former spouse behind, he then joined Ara Norvath, the Mandalorian woman, and jumped with her on the Peace Brigade vessel to Contruum.

There, Fenix was invited to join a meeting of about two dozen Mandalorians, and he decided to stay with them for the time being, helping them to deal with Yuuzhan Vong on the planet.

It is unknown whether this was the new life he had aspired and if he became a Mandalorian himself or just left them after the events.

Physical appearance, equipment and character traitsEdit

No, the only threat is some jumpy ex-bounty hunter with his weapons drawn, and about to do something very stupid very soon.
Ara Norvath to Macos

Fenix was of average height, and despite his strong build, he didn't stand out. He usually maintained a very short haircut, nearly bald, and an extended, short goatee and mustache. He usually wore a loose olive-green military jacket he acquired from his first bounty and sported a standard-issue Merr-Sonn 434 "DeathHammer" and a short vibrodagger. He didn't have exactly a talent in combat, but still enough to keep him alive.

Despite his low voice, Fenix always had an affable face and was never short of a brisk line to lighten someone else's mood. His wisecracking behavior made him a good companion and friend, but it also often got him into awry situations, many of which didn't do much good for his already not that good reputation as a below average bounty hunter. He did have a lot of bad luck, but by some chance his unthoughtfulness and his harum-scarum attitude never got him killed, at least not yet.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is an homage to Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, however that is the only link to the game. His character traits are none like Marcus Fenix's.

The images show photomanipulations of actor Rockmond Dunbar. Macos Fenix looks just like him. Only the artwork is not a photomanip, it was done by Mercy from the SW Artists Guild on request.

The Appearances listed below are fanfiction stories by Corran_Fett (me). Fenix's history isn't complete, because it would spoil the stories.