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Mace Windu was a Male Korun Jedi Master and second in command on the Jedi Council. Mace was a formidable swordsman and Force user and was famous for creating the deadly Vaapad style of lightsaber combat. Regarded by many as the most powerful Jedi of his time, apart from Yoda, Mace was legendary for his wisdom, power and the weight of his words.


Early life

Mace Windu was originally from the planet Haruun Kal, where he was born into the Ghôsh Windu. Jedi anthropologists, who were studying the fact that all the Korunnai could touch the force, asked the Windu clan if they might take a child back to the Jedi Order to regain the Korunnai's connection to the force. Since his parents had already died in the jungles, Windu was given to the Jedi when he was six standard months old. Having not been old enough for his naming day within the tribe, the Order gave him his name as he entered the Academy. Like all in the Order, the young Korun boy was taught by Master Yoda when he was a learner, and eventually went on to become a Padawan to T'ra Saa.

At a very early age, Windu learned of his unusual ability to see shatterpoints in the Force and how they would affect all of his future actions as well as the vulnerabilities of his opponents. With these unique abilities, he had glimpses of parts of his future, such as the lightsaber he would eventually build.

Mace eventually created his signature purple bladed lightsaber which he would wield for the rest of his life. Over the next decade and a half, Windu went on many notable missions that included his first visit to his homeworld, Haruun Kal (during which he learned his native Korun language), and one where he tracked down and defeated the killer Uda-Khalid. During his career, Windu trained Echuu Shen-Jon, and fellow Council member Depa Billaba. He also discovered Darrus Jeht as a very young child after an incident involving the boy's parents. Windu ensured he was tested and placed in a training class, and later trained him for a time, although Jeht was never formally his Padawan.

Jedi Council member

Prodigiously talented in the Force, Mace passed the trials early, and continued to progress through the ranks of the order and, at the remarkably young age of twenty-eight, he was appointed to the Jedi Council becoming the youngest Jedi Council member in known history. The Council's invitation came after Windu's exploits during the Arkanian Revolution where he fought the cyborg Gorm the Dissolver. As a senior member of the Council, his lightsaber hilt would be uniquely decorated with electrum, a precious metal. He eventually rose to become the second highest ranking member of the Order, behind Grand Master Yoda.

At some point Mace befreinded Jedi Master Sora Bulq who later helped him develop Vaapad.

As well as his incredible combat abilities, Windu also possessed a rare gift. He had a unique form of Force perception which allowed him to see the shatterpoint in objects, beings and circumstances. These shatterpoints revealed points upon which other things were reliant. Shatterpoints could form links between beings, creatures, planets, or other vessels, and if destroyed or utilized, these shatterpoints could hold the key to averting disaster, sealing fate, winning battles and fulfilling the very will of the Force itself.

In addition to being a legendary warrior and extremely powerful in the Force, Windu possessed extensive knowledge of Jedi history and philosophy, and was known for his diplomatic abilities. Windu was the Council's primary liaison to the Chancellor, although the Clone Wars caused him to question his firmest beliefs.

As a Jedi Master and member of the Council, Windu stayed active, spearheading many diplomatic and peace-keeping missions, including ones to Yinchorr and Malastare. He would also assist in the mediation of the Stark hyperspace war though he didn't actually fight in it. Roughly a decade before the Clone Wars Windu also met with Chancellor Finis Valorum and advised him about how to deal with the terrorist organization known as The Flail. Another such mission was to Nar Shaddaa, where Windu, accompanied by his former Padawan Depa Billaba, was investigating an animal-smuggling ring. As he was surrounded by a large number of thugs, his former Padawan Depa Billaba arrived to help him, and they made short work of their assailants. They eventually located the source of the smuggling, but only after fighting a number of deranged akk dogs originally from Haruun Kal. Windu and Billaba would eventually end up together on Haruun Kal, with tragic results.

Clone Wars

Battle of Geonosis

This party's over.
—Mace Windu, to Dooku.[src]

Eventually it became apparent that a full-fledged military conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems would occur. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was captured by the Confederacy on Geonosis and prepared to be executed. Having learned of this, Mace Windu, without waiting for the Clone Army to be put at the Republic's disposal, led a Jedi strike force to Geonosis.

Mace beheads Jango Fett.

Windu, along with Luminara Unduli, destroyed Geonosian gun emplacements blocking the way to the arena in his TX-130S fighter tank. When Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padmé Amidala were brought to the Geonosis arena, Windu and his Jedi revealed themselves to Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy, who was personally overseeing the planned execution. A heated but short battle followed, during which Windu decapitated the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, the progenitor of the clone troopers, Fett's death had been predicted millennia ago by Darth Traya in the times of the Old Sith Wars.

Eventually, the Jedi were outnumbered by Separatist battle droids, but Yoda and the clone troopers rescued the Jedi. After that, Windu and the other surviving Jedi joined the battle as military commanders.

Mission to Ruul

Less than three months after Geonosis, Mace Windu was contacted by his old friend Sora Bulq, who was leading a group of renegade Jedi who protested Jedi involvement in the Clone Wars. In response to Bulq's message, Windu traveled to Bulq's estate on Ruul to meet with them. Unfortunately, just after he arrived, Bulq was ambushed by the Dooku-trained assassin Asajj Ventress, resulting in the death of his Padawan. When the other Jedi, including Windu, involved themselves, Ventress claimed she had been sent by Windu himself, confusing the other Jedi.

While the other Jedi busied themselves, Windu began investigating Ventress' presence, unknowingly followed by the Jedi Rhad Tarn. During his investigations, he found Ventress' ship, and realized that Bulq must have allowed her on the planet, since no one could land on Ruul without Bulq being aware of it. Rushing off to confront Bulq, Windu found him in his estate mourning over the body of his Padawan. When Windu accused Bulq of turning to the Dark Side and joining the Confederacy, Bulq didn't deny it. Bulq revealed that the only reason that he brought Windu here for was to exploit his hardliner reputation and discredit him, using the other Jedi as witnesses, as they were unaware of his plans.

Bulq then drew his lightsaber and shoto and announced his intention to now kill Windu and return to the others alone, claiming Windu betrayed them. Windu drew his own blade, telling Bulq that he wasn't dead yet and the battle was on, with both combatants seeming evenly matched. However, as the two engaged one another in a furious duel, Mace sensed the other Jedi were in danger. Bulq sneered at him and attacked again driving Mace onto the defensive but then Mace caught him off guard with a powerful Force Push which knocked Bulq unconscious. Rushing to Ventress' ship, he found Rhad Tarn dead and the other Jedi who had followed Tarn engaging the Dark Jedi assassin. Though tired from his duel with Bulq, Mace was more than a match for Ventress and the Rattataki decided to retreat.

After Ventress' retreat and Bulq's exposure as a Confederate agent, Windu and the surviving Jedi returned to Coruscant.

Back to Haruun Kal

Mace Windu on Haruun Kal.

About a month after duelling Sora Bulq on Ruul, Mace returned to his homeworld of Haruun Kal to track down his missing former Padawan, Depa Billaba. He was attacked twice in the capital city of Pelek Baw, but met up with a team sent by Depa to bring him to her. While trekking through the jungle toward Billaba, he defeated three Sienar Turbostorm gunships, destroying two and crippling the third, in a masterful display of the versatility and lethality of Vaapad. Mace, along with his companions Chalk, Lesh, Besh, and Nick Rostu, were frequently in danger from the numerous hazards of the jungle and militia attacks.

Throughout his stay on Haruun Kal, Windu was often attacked, beaten, and injured by a variety of opponents. After meeting up with Depa, Windu resolved to bring her back to the Jedi Temple. He also had to deal with the powerful lor pelek Kar Vastor. After the militia launched an all-out attack on the Korunnai that Depa had been leading, he then devised a plan to capture the world for the Republic and battled Kar Vastor, spiritually facing the dark side and winning.

Windu eventually duelled his former Padawan after she succumbed to pelekotan, and believed that if he was going to defeat her he would have to use the full power of Vaapad which would give him a large chance of turning to the dark side. Deciding that it was too much of a risk, the Jedi Master gave Depa a chance to finish him off but instead Depa committed suicide. Mace was devastated as Depa had been like a daughter to him. Though Windu survived this trial and his strategy was successful, the memories of his return to Haruun Kal would continue to haunt him.

Personality and traits

For the Jedi Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life.
—Mace Windu[src]

Mace Windu was a very proud man and although he usually hid it he was also arrogant. Mace was perfectly aware that he was an incredibly powerful Jedi but he didn't boast about his abilities, preferring to keep his overconfidence hidden. He was extremely serious and almost never displayed a sense of humor and rarely even smiled. Because of this trait most Jedi younglings found him intimidating.

Windu possessed tremendous strength of character being the only Jedi who was strong willed enough to truly master Vaapad. Windu created Vaapad to "turn his inner darkness into something more positive" and he successfully accomplished this. A large part of Windu's personality revolved around Vaapad.

There were times when Windu's overwhelming ego would rise to the surface and a display of his arrogance was when he refused to admit that the Jedi Council had made a mistake by accusing Ahsoka Tano of murder and terrorism. Windu actually had the audacity to deflect blame onto the Force itself, saying that it "worked in mysterious ways" and that Ahsoka's traumatic experience was simply one of the Force's tests.

Windu was one of the most courageous Jedi in the Order, perfectly willing to throw himself into a deadly situation without hesitation when he had to and he always got out of those situations alive. He was also well known for his wisdom and was a selfless man putting other peoples needs before his own. Though he relished the chance to test his fighting prowess he would resort to diplomacy where he could and was known for being one of the finest negotiators in the Jedi Order, even though he preferred fighting. Windu secretly loved the Republic and the Jedi Order and was prepared to do anything to protect them.

Despite his stern and arrogant personality, Master Windu did have a soft side. Apart from Tom Norton, he was the only person who showed any compassion towards the Zillo Beast and was reluctant to kill him since he was an innocent creature and the last of his kind. Mace also allowed himself to form attachments and loved his former Padawan Depa Billaba, like a daughter. When Depa committed suicide on Haruun Kul, Mace was devastated and Depa's death and fall to the dark side continued to haunt him for the rest of his life. However Mace continued using Vaapad as he felt that he had overcome the dark side on Haruun Kul and was confident that he could control Vaapad and Vaapad wouldn't control him. He was also attached to his old friend Dooku which made him spare his life on Geonosis even though Dooku's death would have averted the Clone Wars.

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber training

Mace Windu using Vaapad.

Mace Windu was an formidable warrior and was one of the greatest swordsmen in the history of the Jedi Order. Mace created and mastered the Vaapad style of lightsaber combat becoming the only Jedi to have truly mastered it. Vaapad was a variant of the Juyo style but although Mace was skilled at Juyo he believed it was too dangerous for him to employ so he created Vaapad to replace it. Mace was also able to combine his mastery of Vaapad with Jar'Kai as shown during his mission to find Depa Billaba.

In addition to his mastery of Vaapad, Master Windu was a master of Djem So, able to deflect bolts accurately towards his opponents. From training under T'ra Saa he also mastered Soresu using it on Geonosis and several other battles during the Clone Wars. T'ra also trained him in the use of Niman and Mace was able to successfully use the Pushing Slash during his duel with Sora Bulq which resulted in Bulq's defeat.

Mace's mastery of lightsaber combat made him one of the greatest swordsmen in the Galaxy. He managed to defeat Sora Bulq during their duel on Ruul and, despite being tired from duelling Bulq, he quickly overwhelmed Asajj Ventress shortly afterwards. He also duelled viciously with his former Padawan, Depa Billaba but believed that Depa would have defeated him if not for his quick thinking.

Force powers

In addition to his incredible combat abilities, Mace was exceptionally powerful in the Force and was among the most skilled Force users in history. Windu was capable of using powerful Force Waves which were so strong that they could throw countless battle droids in one blast. Mace was also able to leap huge distances and move with incredible speed, using this skill in his fight with Kar Vastor by landing six blows on him before he could blink. This also came in handy when he was using Vaapad as Vaapad practitioners were known to move with incredible speed. He was very skilled with Telekinesis able to move huge objects including an AT-TE walker.

Mace's most unique Force ability was his ability to see Shatterpoints in the Force which was a gift that very few other Jedi possessed. It allowed him to see weak points in opponents, events, objects and everyday life. He was also able to sense when something was weakening in time to do something about it. This power also allowed him to shatter otherwise unbreakable objects by channeling the Force into the places of the object that held it together.