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The MZ-10 Attack Tank was an advanced attack tank, a descendant of the MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon, used in the days of the New Empire. The Steel Legion would use a significant amount of these tanks during this era. It was first introduced circa 120 ABY, although prototypes were in development around 115 ABY.


The MZ-10 was very large for an attack tank, dwarfing predecessors such as the MZ-8 and the Canderous tank. In fact, it was capable of running over smaller vehicles, and crushing them. Although its size presented a blatant target for enemy fire, it compensated for this with heavy armour, shielding, and sensor jamming. It weighed over a hundred tons, thus meaning that repulsorlifts were not an option for propulsion, and hence the designers had to stick with old-fashioned treads.

The MZ-10 was also heavily armed. It was usually equipped with dual turbolasers or railguns on the turret, with considerably more firepower than an AT-AT, although by the collapse of the GFFA this sort of firepower was becoming the norm. When equipped with railguns, it was capable of decimating whole enemy divions, as the railgun beams were capable of piercing through solid surfaces. It was also equipped with missile launchers that could decimate aerial units. However, its primary weapons were prone to overheating, and the anti-air weapons often ran out of missiles quickly, although some Legion designers equipped the tank with nanobots that could generate new missiles out of any nearby material.

One special feature of the MZ-10 was its ECM sensor jamming system. Due to this, it was virtually invisible on radar, although not to the naked eye. However, the jamming system was unreliable and tended to break down, and concentrated masses of MZ-10s tended to produce such exhaust and fumes that they were clearly visible for miles, thus making this somewhat redundant.



The very first basis of the MZ-10 design came from a rejected tank design made by a the same developer of the MZ-8, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Decades later, about 100 ABY, a GFFA weapons designer came across the design and decided to expand it, sensing potential in it.

Behind the scenes

The MZ-10 is based on the Mammoth Tank from Command and Conquer.

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