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Okay, whose bright idea was this?
Gasrany Kiebel to the MTI-98 development team

The MTI-98 particle degenerator was Tryuin Industries's only foray into the military market. It was essentially a miniaturized particle accelerator that had the same effects as a nuclear weapon, sans radiation. It was developed by a Tryuin R&D team without permission of its upper echelons, as the team leader believed that the MTI-98 would prove profitable and that he would gain a promotion. However, it was purchased mainly by terrorists who used it to destroy part of the KDY shipyards. With Tryuin facing a massive backlash, the team was fired and production of the MTI-98 was ceased, and Tryuin was forced to hand out large compensation for the damage caused. However, the blueprints fell into the black market a few centuries later, resulting in use of the MTI-98 by terrorists, criminals and planetary governments alike.

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