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Golden Age of the Republic

Never underestimate what this little one can do.
Evening Delwynn, on Emra.[src]

MR-A7, nicknamed "Emra" was a utility/astromech droid owned by Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn. The droid was originally given to Delwynn as a wedding gift by friend Servius Valorum, which he purchased from Industrial Automaton as it had created a line of droids closely resembling the then-extinct T3-series from the Jedi Civil War era. Following the death of her husband and daughter in 714 BBY, the droid became Delwynn's primary investigative tool in the hunt for her family's killer. The droid was used to store and analyze data, and on one occasion it was used to covertly scan documents that were not permitted to leave the GIN offices on Alsakan. Because of the sensitive information and heavy use, Emra never received a memory wipe. It became an integral part of Delwynn's team in subsequent years and remained with the agent's team when it changed personnel at the beginning of the Seswenna Security Crisis. It took part in investigating during the crisis, mostly taking its place on Delwynn's flagship, the Mally.



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