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m'Ord Vinka was a Jedi and Grand Master of the Jedi Order in the years leading up to the Seswenna Security Crisis. He was also a founder, along with his then-apprentice Starbuck, of the secret faction Opus Lucem. m'Ord Vinka was viewed as power-hungry and zealous; he often clashed with some members of the order for his aloofness and lack of interpersonal relationships. He attempted to go around the order of Supreme Chancellor Anwis Eddicus when Senator Awa Moonflower traveled home to Seswenna after receiving death threats. He traveled there on his own mission, in part to find out who had murdered Senator Hanik Regueny, relieving Fay in the process. He died in the catastrophe that enveloped the world. This resulted in a power vacuum in both the Jedi Order and the Opus Lucem society.

Behind the scenes

m'Ord Vinka is only referred to as a male by other Jedi, those who suspect that such was his gender. It became widely accepted, but no records indicated that such was fact. Most simply referred to the Jedi with male pronouns out of ambiguity. He also is of an unrevealed species at this time. The first letter of his name is also always not capitalized, and it always appears in its entirety.


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