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This article is about the planet. You may be looking for the species.

Lycari was a luscious jungle world deep within the Dacori sector, close to the Sith world of Nerezza. Originally the homeworld of various Lycari nations, by 4,570 BBY the entire planet had been conquered by one nation.

In that very same year, the S'kytri arrived and revealed the wonders of the galaxy to the pre-space travel Lycari. At first relations went well but they very quickly turned sour. The S'kytri believed themselves superior to the native Lycari and this sentiment filtered through to the Lycari.

Fearful of a S'kytri coup, the Lycari government sought to eliminate this new threat and secretly worked to create a virus that could destroy the S'kytri, or at least limit their powers of flight, making them more vulnerable to Lycari weapons. After several years work the Lycari scientists succeeded in creating a working virus that would incinerate the S'kytri from within, but the weapon was also effective against the Lycari themselves and they feared using it.

Several years passed and slowly, the S'kytri whittled the Lycari government away until, eventually the S'kytri committed their coup and took complete control over the planet. Obviously, the Lycari did not take too well to this new development and war ensued.

S'kytri-Lycari war

Over the next few years the Lycari and the S'kytri battle one-another, inflicting grievous casualties before the time finally came for the Lycari to use their secret weapon, and so they did.

At first the effects of the weapon followed Lycari predictions, the S'kytri quickly began to whittle in number until eventually only a handful remained. Those that remained were adversely affected by the virus but somehow managed to survive. They retreated back towards their homeland on the planet and hid themselves away until they began to notice something strange.

The did not age; they did not feel pain as much as before, and their bodies began to change physically. Their physiques changed and they became much more muscular, their brain power increased and, most notable of all; their wingspan increased from an average of 2-3 meters, to 2-4 meters.

With this new an increased strength, the Skrini as they had become known, returned to the newly rebuilt Lycari nation and decimated it. Having become immune to the affects of the virus the Lycari stood no chance and were quickly conquered by the Skrini.


Almost a thousand years later, during the invasion of the planet by the Sith Order of Decreto the Lycari served as the ground troops for their Skrini overlords, but to no avail. The planet was quickly captured and both Skrini and Lycari served the Sith.

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